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Beauty Watch: How To Remove Gels At Home

Beauty Watch: How To Remove Gels At Home

Quite frankly, we are all missing our Nail Techs! And some of us have succumbed and invested in ‘at home’ nail kits. This is all very well, until it comes to the removal. It’s super important that gels/acrylics are removed properly, as you can seriously damage your nail bed. The below serves as a little guide on how to safely take off your gels/acrylics.

Photo credit: @wuzg00d

How to remove gel polish

If you want to remove your old, grown-out gel polish then the safest way is to soak it off with acetone. There are professional products out there that will enable you to do this at home easily i.e. the Pre-soaked Gel polish Remover Wraps.

The worst thing you can do is bite, scrape or peel your nails as this will cause irreparable damage! Avoid at all costs!

How to remove acrylic nails

  • Trim excess nails and carefully pour acetone into the top of the clear container of the finger soaker – for easy access use a plastic dropper.
  • Carefully insert the nail into the liquid chamber by gently twisting.
  • To release any pressure when inserting the finger, squeeze to remove any excess air.
  • Leave nails to soak for 5 – 10 mins.
  • Once the acetone has melted the product, use a rotating motion to remove it with the little scraper/tab built into the inside of the finger soaker.

This can also be used for nail and cuticle soaks and treatments.

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Once off correctly, you can try to restyle!

Photo credit: @wuzg00d

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