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Ethique Tone It Down Bars

Ethique Tone It Down Bars

Ethique has just released a solid purple shampoo and conditioner bar. The brand itself is pretty damn revolutionary being plastic and cruelty free, as well as being plant based. It’s kind to the environment, to your hair and to your purse! (One bar will last 2-3 times longer than a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.)

I was rather excited to try a purple shampoo bar! Wetting the hair down, I then put water on the shampoo bar and started to slide the bar from root to mid lengths. (I am one of those Stylists that do not believe in putting any shampoo on the ends!) I did this 3-4 times. The purple tone definitely works to neutralise unwanted brassy tones in the hair straight away. The bar gently foams, cleansing the hair whilst not drying the hair out. Afterwards, the hair felt clean and hydrated. The conditioner works in the same way; wet the bar and then stroke the bar from the midlengths to the ends, using fingers or wide tooth comb and brush through.

The verdict? The bar does not contain sulphates or chemically derived dyes. It is a natural bar containing jasmine oil and beetroot extracts; the beetroot extract is what helps to neutralise any brassy tones. The oils adds moisture to hair, leaving the hair feeling soft, manageable and shiny. To the blondies out there, Tone It Down should not be overlooked in your hair care regime!

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