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Hair Watch: Bright Hair Don’t Care

Hair Watch: Bright Hair Don’t Care

Fancy a colour change? It’s always one way to spruce up your outfit, as we saw during the Fashion Weeks!

We would always recommend you go to a professional colourist when opting for a totally new colour.

Photo credit: Alexandre Gaudin

Red/Pink is a colour we saw a lot on the streets, so here are some tips to top up your vibrant colour in between colour appointments:

Tips when using direct dyes:

  • Mix with conditioner to pastelise your colour.
  • Use a dark towel and pillow case; vibrant colours = stains.
  • Use gloves to protect your hands.
  • The more porous the hair, the longer the colour will last. For chemically treated hair, proceed with caution!
  • When intermixing shades, test the colour on a piece of tissue before application.
  • The most popular direct dyes are Crazy Colour, Pulp Riot and Bleach London.

Note: Always perform a skin test for any type of colour product before use, 48hrs before you apply your colour to ensure no reactions.

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Photo credit: Morgan Roberts

If you want the colour, but not the commitment, go for something more temporary, achieved with coloured hairspray, chalk or mousse. The hairspray and chalk are to be applied onto to dry hair, but beware, over application can leave the hair feeling overloaded and dull. A coloured mouse is applied onto wet hair before blow drying.

And lastly, you can always opt for a coloured wig!

Photo credit: Morgan Roberts
Photo credit: Morgan Roberts
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