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Hair Watch: Moroccan Oil Colour Depositing Mask

Hair Watch: Moroccan Oil Colour Depositing Mask

Moroccan Oil have released their first colour line; a pigmented conditioner with all the amazing benefits of other Moroccan oil products.

I was invited to the launch of Colourful Care at Sanrizz Salon, Grosvenor Hotel. I was greeted with smiles all around and of course a glass of prosecco. Hair and prosecco; two of my favourite things in the world! I was introduced to the range with information on the shades and the benefits of the product.

Colourful Care offers 7 beautiful shades that are intermixable to create your own unique shade or use on their own. The shades include Aquamarine, Hibiscus, Platinum, Champagne, Rose Gold, Bordeaux and Cocoa. You can get the colourful care in a small pouch size or a larger size. The small pouch is great for those creatives that want to create a personalised shade.

I was looked after by Moroccan oils educator Louise Kelly. I had my hair shampooed to give Louise a clean canvas to work with. Louise used 4 of the shades to create my unique colour and used rose gold on my lighter face framing. My mixture was applied in sections evenly from root to points using hands then combed through. Showing the easy use at home. I was left to chill, drink prosecco and develop for 10 minutes. This helped my dry and dehydrated hair have the much needed nourishment from the treatment.

After the colour depositing mask hair was rinsed, I had a beautiful curly blow dry done using all Moroccanoil products to show off the temporary colour. My hair had shine, felt hydrated and a beautiful colour.

Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask is perfect for a no commitment colour, keeping colours fresh and renewed. How long the colour will last will depend on the condition and porosity of your hair. Meaning it can last one wash or ten! The lighter your hair, the more vibrant the colour will be. The mask is easy to use doesn’t cause staining, but still use gloves (just in case!).

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