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Hair Watch: Products To Suit Your Style

Hair Watch: Products To Suit Your Style

Volume, movement or sleek? Time to swot up on which products suit you best.

Fine hair needing a boost of fullness? Let me introduce you to Nanogen and their trusted trio:

7-in-1 Shampoo – 7 benefits in one bottle; formulated to cleanse, moisturise, thicken, strengthen, rebalance, fight pollution and optimise fibres. This lightweight shampoo actually does all that is stated, my individual strands of hair are fine and even after one use I could feel my individual strands feeling fuller and moisturised with no residue. This products also foams up even though it is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) perfect for those who likes to feel the lather when shampooing.

Hair Hydrator – An acid gel that adds body and shine and reduces frizz. A non sticky texture that glides through the hair effortlessly, this magic gel gives finer hair an appearance of a fuller look without being rigid. On towel dried hair apply 1-3 pumps through the lengths of the hair, either leave to dry natural or blow dry for maximum effect.

Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray – A lightweight spray that can be used directly on the hair or applied by the hands. Containing natural sea salt for volume and B5 to reduce frizz, a little goes a long way. For maximum volume spray onto roots then through lengths and blow dry with a round brush ,set hair in Velcro roller, dress out et voila!

Touchable Glamour – Fine to medium hair, loves a glamour wave or curl?

Welcome to Cake; Smells sweet enough to eat.

The Smooth Move – Glamourous hair always needs some TLC from the use of heated tools, give your hair that much needed moisture with The Smooth Move. After shampooing, squeeze out the excess water from your hair, then apply on the lengths for finer hair and all over for fuller hair types. The buttery consistency makes it easy to get an even coverage, leaving on for up to 5 mins then rinse. For extra love, leave on overnight. Hair will feel soft and moisturised, as well as smelling sweet as.

The Mane Manage’r – 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner – Not only does this product help to detangle your hair it also protects from heated tools. This magically sweet product can be used on towel dried hair or on dry hair. Spray onto the hair and use a wide tooth comb to detangle.

The Thick Trick – Volumizing styling foam – For voluminous lengths apply a pump or two evenly throughout the hair. The foam works on thickening strands without the stickiness. But trust me, this sweet treat doesn’t leave you stuck together. Blow dry your hair with a round brush or for natural curls a diffuser can be used, then define your glamour with a styling tool of your choice.

Structured and polished style – fine to fuller hair density’s. Embrace Authentic Beauty Concept.

See Also

Hydrate Lotion – For Dry Hair – Perfect cream lotion for sleek straight styles, applied evenly onto damp hair and blow dry straight to perfection with either a flat brush or round brush. The moisturising lotion fights frizz whilst protecting against the heat of the hair dryer. The lotion glides effortlessly over the hair whilst adding moisture to dehydrated hair.

Flawless Primer – Fluid prep spray – Prep your hair for any style with this primer, it allows you to have control of the hair when styling as well as conditioning and protecting against heated tools. Spray throughout damp hair and style as desired, a great product that protects, moisturises and aids styling effortlessly.

Amplify Mousse – A light weight mousse that is perfect for any set style. With a heat protector of up to 230 degrees, your much loved hair is protected again those heated tools. After drying, hair is manageable to perfect your polished or structured shape.

Strong Hold Hairspray – Invisible and long lasting hairspray – When your style is created, spray evenly. Make sure you hold the can a good half arm distance away and leave it to do it’s magic of holding strong. Oh and this hairspray brushes out easily too!

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