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Hair Watch: Recover Dry Winter Hair and Scalp

Hair Watch: Recover Dry Winter Hair and Scalp

With the cold temperatures and harsh winds winter brings, it’s safe to say our hair and scalp struggles to cope as much as we do. These conditions, plus the use of heated tools and chemicals ends in dryness and dullness. Not exactly the look we are going for.

To assist in the recovery of dry and dull hair, say hello to EGG Remedy Hair Oil from Too Cool For School.

Yes it contains exactly what you think; extract of egg yolk without the eggy smell! Egg yolk extract is filled with protein and nourishment, exactly what dry hair is screaming out for. The lightweight oil works on softening the cuticles as well as repairing split ends; apply a couple of pumps onto wet hair and style as required. When dry, add one more pump to dress out and seal cuticles flat, leaving the hair looking glossy and nourished.

For dry and sensitive scalp, welcome Sebamed Revitalizing Shampoo into your haircare collection.

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With active plant protein, Sebamed Revitalizing Shampoo will replenish lost hydration while it soothes the irritation that comes with a dry scalp. The gel-like texture will lather in the hands for easy application onto wet hair; gently massage into the scalp for a squeaky clean and nourished scalp. With a pH balanace of 5.5 Sebamed works in harmony with the scalps acid mantle. You will see the difference within 3 weeks of use. Not only does the Revitalizing shampoo revive your scalp, it benefits your hair too, leaving it replenished and healthy.

Win Win for hair and scalp.

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