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How To Create A Blow Dry Look With An Air Styler Brush

How To Create A Blow Dry Look With An Air Styler Brush

With salons closed for the foreseeable (argh) most people have had to take matters of the hair into their own hands. Fed up of seeing my hair looking dull and lank, I have invested in box dyes (thank god my hair is dark; I feel for those with highlights) and tried out various new styles. Yes, I know I am not going anywhere, but I am getting my practice in for when I actually can!


Remington Session Stylist, Kieran Tudor, has created a foolproof guide to a super easy bouncy blowdry using the Curl & Straight Confidence Air Styler. You heard right, no blow-dryer and fiddly brush combo in sight.

The versatility of the Air Styler comes from its numerous styling attachments, which allow you to blow dry, detangle, straighten and curl the hair all with one easy-to-use tool.  A great extra feature is the Air Styler’s ionic conditioning which lets you kiss goodbye to any unwanted frizz, often found when styling with heat.

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Kieran Tudor, Remington Session Stylist
  1. Beginning with wet hair, use the concentrator attachment to blast your hair until it’s roughly 70% dry
  2. Switching to the paddle brush attachment, take a section of hair from the back of the head and place the teeth of the brush at the root. Slowly glide the brush through the hair through to the tips, using the teeth to lift the roots to add volume where necessary
  3. Using the tong attachment, add shape and movement at the front of the head by placing a section of hair into the clip and using the button to rotate the hair around the barrel, ensuring you rotate the section away from your face. Release the button once the section of hair is fully wrapped around the barrel, applying the heat setting for 6-seconds, then following with 6 seconds of the cool shot to set the curl.
  4. Open the tong clip and slide the barrel out of the hair, before using your fingers to loosen the curl, finishing with hairspray as desired.

PAUSE Her verdict: Having naturally curly hair, I have always steered away from trying this kind of styling tool, as I thought it wouldn’t work. I was very wrong! I achieved a smooth finish (by following the steps above), which lasted me up until my next wash. Remember to use a heat protector spray before use, and finish with a shine spray for added pizazz.

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