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PAUSE Her Beauty Round-Up

PAUSE Her Beauty Round-Up

In a world where we have so many beauty options, here are just some product suggestions that we think you need on your radar.

This week’s list as follows.

Aeterna Gold Collagen Beauty Drink Powder – £25.00

The stress of another lockdown and the closure of most beauty treatments means we need all the extra TLC our skin can get. This collagen drink contains carefully balanced vitamins, botanicals, hyaluronic acid and pure marine (non-shark) collagen. This blend of ingredients helps maintain hydration, aids in skin tissue renewal and supports collagen production. Add half a scoop (4g) to a smoothie, tea or juice and stir until the powder dissolves. Take it 30 minutes before your meal. Contains fish products so may not be suitable for people with a fish allergy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain – £19.00

We can’t leave the house without a mask now so we need make-up products that work well with one. Anastasia has released lip stains with a rich matte formula that don’t budge or annoyingly transfer onto your masks. It’s available in six shades – Orchid, Black Cherry, Grey Mauve, Hot Pink, Dusty Rose and Rosewood. It feels lightweight when applied to lips and dries really fast. Apply using the doe foot applicator or use your fingers for a softer look.

Typology 10-Ingredient Hand Balm – £13.80

The cold weather and the constant washing of our hands can leave them feeling dry and worn down. This hand balm is formulated with only 10 essential ingredients, with no unnecessary additives. It contains ingredients such as sunflower oil which protects the skin against free radicals and hyaluronic acid which helps restore moisture to the skin. The hand balm has no particular scent and is perfume free making it suitable for sensitive skin. Apply the hand balm when needed.

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Looking after your hair can be tedious especially when you have curls. AIRFRO is a new natural hair brand, created for people with active lifestyles. This gender-neutral spray helps revive, refresh and hydrate curls fast. The aloe vera base is infused with pro-vitamin B5 and hydrolysed honey to rehydrate hair, reduce static and define your curls. Ingredients such as grapefruit extract and lavender, help reduce odour and relieve an itchy scalp. The sleek aluminium bottle is sustainable in more ways than one, as it can be recycled or refilled using custom AIRFRO eco-pouches. Use the spray in-between hair washes, after workouts or for a quick refresh in your morning hair routine.

Davines A Single Shampoo – £19.00

Shampooing your hair can feel like a real chore but shampoos such as this carbon-neutral one from Davines make it feel more like a luxury. This olive oil-derived cleansing agent feels immediately hydrating on first touch before you’ve even applied it to your hair. The shampoo contains a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids that resemble your hair’s natural oils. The result is hair that feels hydrated, cleansed and soft. The formula is 98.2% biodegradable with 95% natural-origin ingredients. The packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from renewable vegetable sources and from South Brazilian sugar cane. The bottle is perfectly designed to be emptied fully, to avoid wasting the product. We wouldn’t recommend washing your hair everyday but this shampoo is gentle enough for every day use.

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