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Sienna Miller Leads Oxfam Secondhand September 2021 Campaign

Sienna Miller Leads Oxfam Secondhand September 2021 Campaign

Help save the Environment, this September.

#SecondHandSeptember is an awareness campaign led by actress Sienna Miller to highlight the harmful effects of fast fashion – clothing produced in high volumes at low cost to the consumer – on the environment.

As a matter of fact, 13 million articles of clothing per week are thrown into landfills, and global greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by the textile industry, more than international shipping and aviation combined. Thus, charitable organisation Oxfam is urging consumers to reduce emissions by only buying second-hand clothing in September as well as donating their pre-loved items.  

Oxfam is due to set up a pop-up shop at Selfridges, London, where posters featuring Miller will be displayed in the windows of more than 500 Oxfam stores. Alongside the exhibition, Oxfam clothes will be available to purchase in the pop-up store. 

Bay Garnett, Oxfam’s independent fashion advisor, is the architect of the Oxfam / Selfridges pop-up shop, which aims to celebrate vintage items available at Oxfam, such as heritage Tweed coats and sheared wool jackets.

In addition to the garments Miller is wearing, there are also items that evoke nostalgia for the 1980s, such as punk-inspired clothes with zips and studs and velvet dresses. A one-of-a-kind T-shirt designed by Pointless Illustrations illustrator James Lacey will also be on sale at the event. 

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