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Urban Outfitters Partner With Plan International

Urban Outfitters Partner With Plan International

It marks the brands latest project that will give vital support to vulnerable communities and marginalized groups around the world.

In a statement today, Urban Outfitters has pledged to donate every £1 from every reusable face mask to Plan International’s Children’s: Coronavirus Emergency Appeal,

Partnering with Urban Outfitters is Plan International. A global charity who campaign for equal opportunities amongst children across 75 different countries. Built on a voice that aims to support and empower young people, the organisation covers everything from education, health care and clean water. Whilst also providing support to those facing poverty, violence and sanctuary for young girls.

Plan International put girls’ voices at the heart of their work. Right now, they are responding to the global coronavirus crisis by providing food, water and health supplies in cramped conditions like refugee camps, where social distancing is impossible. And they’re working to keep girls in education to protect them from early marriage, pregnancy and exploitation. By buying a mask, you’ll be helping Plan International to carry out urgent, life-saving work where it is most needed, so that children, and especially girls can achieve their full potential.

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Tanya, 22, from Manchester, a Youth Activist with Plan International UK

Retailing at £10, the full range of face masks can be bought at

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