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PAUSE Her Eats: Eataly NYC Flat Iron

PAUSE Her Eats: Eataly NYC Flat Iron

The Eataly concept was birthed in 2002, by Oscar Farinetti.

The idea was simple: to gather under one roof high-quality food at sustainable and reasonable prices for ALL, celebrate Italian biodiversity, and create an informal, natural, and simple place to eat, shop, and learn.

With restaurants, counters, market, wine shop and even classes, Eataly is a multifaceted ‘home’ of Italian produce. A spot to eat, shop and learn, I mean, what is not to like?!

I hit NYC earlier this year, and actually ate at Eataly TWICE. Once just wasn’t enough! I even ate the exact same thing, it was that good. Fresh food, with incredible taste. Hearty (as with all Italian food), I felt satisfied, and ready to continue with my shopping trip. And it also always helps when the waiter is super friendly!

What did I eat?

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  • OLIVE MARINATE – Taggiasca, Cerignola, and Castelvetrano Olives, Citrus
  • BURRATA – Liuzzi Burrata with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt
  • LO SPAGHETTO AL POMODORO – Afeltra Spaghetto, Così Com’è Datterino Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Basil
  • SPUMANTI – A light glass of Spumanti to accompany your meal

Eataly’s success is linked to our philosophy, because people can eat, shop and learn, all about high-quality food, three activities that don’t coexist anywhere else. Moreover, our informal style of communication shows how direct and approachable we are, just the way people like

Oscar Farinetti

Eataly is now worldwide, from Italy, to the USA, to Japan and South America. Find your local store here.

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