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SSENSE: At Home With Marni’s Creative Director, Francesco Risso

SSENSE: At Home With Marni’s Creative Director, Francesco Risso

Take a peep through the keyhole into Marni’s Creative Director, Francesco Risso’s eccentric lifestyle as SSENSE are invited into his Milan home to ask the Italian luxury fashion houses main man an array of weird and wonderful questions.  

Here are some of our favourites (you can read the full interview here

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

Love, nature, and humanity melting together. 

Describe the best party you’ve ever been to. 

It was a party I did with my sister a few years ago, after one of our men’s fashion shows. I decided to do this party to raise funds for her organization, which takes care of rescue dogs. We managed to rent this fruit and vegetable market in the middle of Milan. Very cute, very small, very humble. We had this incredible clash between the fashion freaky world and many artist friends and then veterinarians. It was a very strange clash that created a bomb. We spent the whole night in the market and we had performances. There was something very easy and incredibly fun about being there, dancing among the fruits and vegetables. 

What do you wear when you want to feel your best? 

Anything that has more than 10 or 20 years of life. It’s something about the memory, and the fact that those pieces have a history. Maybe they are full of holes, I don’t care, but the fact that there is a time resistance, that makes me feel at ease. 

When and where are you most at peace? 

In the middle of nature, in silence. Or at a rave—but I haven’t been doing that for a while so I can’t confirm. 

What song makes you want to dance? 

I have a new playlist that I keep playing, a remake of funky songs from the 70s but with a mix of Brazillian attitude. It’s called Napoli Segreta. It’s fantastic. It’s a hit-list of singers from Naples, they are so incredibly sophisticated. There are a few volumes, I like the second one especially. 

What do you want for Christmas? 

To escape Christmas. I hate Christmas. 

What’s your favourite flower? 

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Puppy or kitten? 

Definitely a puppy. 

Kissing or hugging? 

Both. Together. 

Finish this bumper sticker: “My Other Ride Is ________.” 

The Flintstones car. 

  • Interview: Olivia Whittick
  • Photography: Lucia Buricelli
  • Illustrations: T-bone Fletcher
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