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Tips To Get Through Lockdown 3.0

Tips To Get Through Lockdown 3.0

Here we go again! Lockdown 3.0 has hit the UK. Last time around, we saw banana loafs, dalgona coffee, and pillow challenges popping up on our Instagram feeds. The key thing is to keep your mind right, whether it be relaxing and taking up yoga/meditation, or busying yourself with a new hobby. Whatever you decide, you do what’s best for you.

“Keep looking up… That’s the secret of life.”

Charlie Brown

The PAUSE team have collated just some of the things they did in the last lockdown to give you some food for thought to inspire you.

Samantha, Editor, PAUSE Her

  • Making time to reconnect with old friends – Arranging video calls, phone calls, even texting, old friends. Living life in the fast lane can sometimes be detrimental to friendships, and a positive from 2020 has been rebuilding old bonds.
  • Taking up a hobby – I learnt how to make my own candles! I also did a few painting classes and a cocktail making class. I have a clay pottery class booked in and am looking for a few other activities to keep my creative flow energised.
  • Spring cleaning – I prepared nearly 20 bags for charity (The British Heart Foundation accept donations by post, and they cover the postage. They can collect large items too.) Alternatively, Thrift and FarFetch have teamed up. You can send your items to them to list and sell, with a percentage of proceeds going to your chosen charity and the rest you will receive in FarFetch credit to go towards your new purchases!
  • Hustle and start up a new business – Having a bit more time on your hands, you could push to gain another income stream. One thing that can be done from home, and we all have the tools for, is direct selling. I am not talking about illegal pyramid schemes, I am speaking of reputable businesses, that make up the thriving £2 billion home-based industry! According to the Direct Selling Association, there are more than 425,000 people in the UK working in direct sales, selling everything from makeup to jewellery and clothing. And with the aid of Instagram and other social media sites, it makes it easier to access your customers. In the first lockdown I set up an Arbonne business, and was promoted to District Manager with the success of the strategy I implemented. You answer to no-one, and work on your own watch. Other reputable companies are The Body Shop and Ann Summers.

Johnson, Editor In Chief, PAUSE

  • Go for long walks.
  • Listen to Podcasts.

Sanj, Contributing News Writer

  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness involves sitting silently, noticing your breathing and physical sensations and the sensations of things around you, and acknowledging your thoughts in a neutral way without judgement. Leading players — Headspace and Calm — offer a huge variety of pandemic-related resources allowing you to tackle feelings of loneliness, stress and anxiety.
  • Educate yourself on race – The #BlackOutTuesday movement was created by two Atlantic Records executives who wanted to encourage black users to step away from social media, ‘a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community’ through ‘an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change’. Stay accountable for your re-shares and retweet’s and take the time to read, listen and watch content from the likes of Reni Eddo-Lodge and more.
  • Host a games night – Fed up of yet another virual quiz?  Organising a games night is a sure-fire way to keep the whole family or your friendship group entertained at the weekend. Set duties for each participant including:  the ‘happy hour host’, ‘drinking games master’ and of course, the bingo host!

Amal, Junior Music Editor

See Also

  • Enroll in a free, short online course — supercharge your brain by choosing from hundreds of online courses & specialist organizations. ( is good)
  • Self-care days — choose one day out of the week to prioritize self-care & being present. Whether it’s putting on a face mask or creating an at-home spa, recharge, relax, and have a moment to yourself.
  • Create a vision board | list of goals — manifest & be optimistic. Create a visual or physical vision board or note down a goals list – no matter how big or small, as a reminder of what you wish to achieve.
  • Spring (clean) yourself up! — “I haven’t worn those in a while..” direct, declutter and/or donate. Organizing a wardrobe can often be therapeutic & allow the feeling of productivity and generosity. In with the new, out with the old.
  • I’m “rooting” for you — become a plant parent. Lockdown can feel like it stunts your growth, but that’s not the case for plants. Invest in a plant, nourish it, and watch it blossom. Caring for living things contributes to assertiveness, lowering anxiety, and the feeling of empowerment.

Rhys, Fashion Editor, PAUSE

  • Reading self help books and biographies of those I admire.
  • Simply binge watch old tv shows and movies as nostalgia brings me a sense of belonging and allows me to reminisce on the good times.
  • Good old fashion self care, exfoliating my face, washing, conditioning and blow drying my afro. I’ve become my own barber for the time being, so learning new crafts like this will be even more handy if you’re a guy like me who enjoys going to the barber weekly.
  • Keeping in touch with loved ones… Maybe even bury the hatchet with those you have distanced from due to mutual disgruntled emotions.
  • My favourite: listening to Radio Stations like No Signal as well as whacking on a good ol’ R&B playlist. Music cures all pain, right?

Sonia, Contributing Writer

  • Long, long, walks, by myself.
  • And my self-soothing box. I was super cyclical about the idea at first but have been doing it for a few years now and it really helps. You basically can use an old shoe box or anything, and fill it with 5-10 small things you really, really love! It could be an old piece of jewellery, a note someone scribbled on a napkin… I have an almost empty bottle of perfume I love, a book of poetry and some hilarious sunglasses. The idea is when you’re feeling low or blue, it’s something  physical for you to go to and open.. and use… and remember the little joys in life.

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard
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