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Andrea Crews X Claudie Pierlot Collaboration

Andrea Crews X Claudie Pierlot Collaboration

We caught up with Maroussia Rebecq, the founder and creative director of the fashion brand ANDREA CREWS. We discussed her exciting collaboration with Claudie Pierlot, conscious fashion and how a particular Billie Eilish song helped inspire the collection.

Tomi: What are the key attributes you look for in a collaborator? Why was Claudie Pierlot the perfect brand to collaborate with?

Maroussia: The difference!
The more different you are, the stronger and experimental the union can be. But sometimes it cannot work if the gap is too big, that’s where the challenge is!
Claudie Pierlot is very different from ANDREA CREWS, it’s a big brand, touching an audience of Parisian ladies. We gave them youth, street and sustainability elements.

Tomi: Conscious fashion is a key part of your brand, what steps are you taking to ensure that it is as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible?

M: ANDREA CREWS’ system is an up-cycling system, it is based on the short chain, we take second hand clothes and we transform them. There is nothing more than this, and the fact is the more shitty the garment is (like plastic made in China fabric), the bigger is the challenge to reauthorize it.

When we work on such a project, it’s a production of a hundred pieces that are done, everything has to be certified on a sustainable level, like organic or recycled fabrics. Such a system can’t be perfect, it’s too big, but at least it’s a move to responsibility.

T: What type of person do you envision wearing this collection?

M: My girlfriends I guess. The ones that need a softer style than the pure radical Andrea Crews style.

T: If you could pick one song to describe your collection, what would it be and why?

M: Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy” because it’s girly, street and mainstream. I like how the song encapsulates the feeling of going from soft, to radical and shaky.

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The limited edition collection will be available at select Claudie Pierlot stores from March 11.

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