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PAUSE Her Q&A With Alina Baraz

PAUSE Her Q&A With Alina Baraz

We caught up with the talented and dreamy, singer-songwriter Alina Baraz to discuss her long awaited debut album ‘It Was Divine‘. She also shared with us what she finds to be divine in her life, her current Netflix recommendations, festivals she’d love to play at and her weird dreams.

Tomi: You released your debut album ‘It Was Divine’, how did you feel the very moment it was released to the world?

Alina: Oh my gosh, I could not breathe! It was amazing, the minute it was released, it felt like the biggest weight off my shoulders.

T: Nas is featured on the album and he doesn’t do too many collaborations, how does it feel to be one of the chosen ones?

A: I am eternally grateful for him, I try not ask how or why things happen and just be so grateful for it. The moment I heard that beat, the moment I wrote those words, I wanted him on the track – I’ve wanted him on my debut since the first time I can remember thinking about making a debut. It’s very much in sync and I’m just grateful for him.

T: What message did you want to convey to your fans with this album?

A: I just wanted it to be an insight of myself and at the end of the day, I wanted to heal, learn and understand myself. I want it to be whatever they need it to be. I healed from it so I think they’ll heal from it too.

T: What in your life do you currently think is divine?

A: Well I think life is divine, I think everything in this world is divine!

T: Even in this present time?

A: We have ourselves, we have our families and our friends. It’s a really hard time right now, times are really uncertain but I think there’s no reason not to think that life isn’t divine. It’s a blessing to be on this earth!

T: Have you learnt anything new about yourself during the quarantine?

A: Yes! I learnt that I like water colouring, I really miss my dogs more than I thought and I’ve learnt what a blessing life is. I’m learning something new everyday.

T: Your visuals and your sound could be described as very dream-like. I would like to know what is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

A: Oh man, I actually have the weirdest dreams. Anytime I talk about my dreams, my friends are so freaked out [laughter]. I have an alarming amount of hallucinations at night so nothing is strange to me anymore. I just see weird things, I don’t know how to describe it but I definitely see things in real life – like I’ll wake up and see things in my living room and outside.

T: Sza recently shouted you out on her Instagram live. If you could do a song together, what would the song be about?

A: Oh my god, I just want to get in the studio with her. I think we would come up with something so quickly, it’ll be so fun.

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T: You have performed at Coachella, what would be another dream event for you to perform at?

A: I’m thinking more in terms of shows but I’ve always wanted to play Red Rocks, that’s just a dream for me. Glastonbury is obviously a dream, I just love festivals and I want to play as many sunset festivals as I can, those are my favourite.

T: As soon as they let us back outside, what is the first place you want to visit?

A: I feel like I just want to get back to my home in LA and go hang out with my friends, that’s literally all I want to do. I want to have dinner with my friends, make some food…

T: Oh you cook?

A: I guess I do now, I bake a lot! I’ve been making a lot of banana bread [laughter].

T: When you get a moment to pause, what do you like to do for self-care?

A: That’s like me every morning and night, I love face masks and skincare. I feel like singing is self-care as well as making music so that’s kind of my life. I like to watch a lot of TV, I’ve been watching ‘Ozark’, ‘Money Heist’ and a show that recently blew my mind is called ‘Unorthodox’, I wanted to cry every episode. That in my opinion is self-care, just doing nothing for fun.

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