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We caught up with multi-hyphenate artist BOSCO, originally from Atlanta but currently making waves in LA. We discussed her debut album ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense‘, which was released on her label (Slug Records), her current single ‘Piano Song’ and the difference between ATL and LA.

Tomi: Is ‘Piano Song’ dedicated to anyone in particular?

BOSCO: Yes, this song is dedicated to my family. It is an open letter that started out to my mom as a reflective time of all of the moments I missed by chasing after my dream. The other part is putting my career before my relationships; romantic or friendships. Sometimes being an artist is selfish in having to put your career first over your relationships.

T: Whose voice is at the end of the track?

B: That’s Clarence Avant, The Black Godfather.

T: I saw that the movie ‘Mid90s’ was one of your inspirations behind the ‘Piano Song’ music video. What elements do you love most about the movie?

B: The cinematography and how they were able to weave in different parts of emotion to match the imagery. I was also a fan of the colouring that presented as very youthful but also teen angst in the direction of the film. It gave me a sense of nostalgia while also being very current and modern. I love the relationship or the metaphor between skating and relationships in how you have to try and you know you’re going to fall and that is apart of the learning process; and that’s what I wanted to show.

T: Any reasons for making the videos accompanying the project short and sweet?

B: Yes, the thought process behind them was to make vignettes that feel like a commercial for the song. I feel there is so much content that we are inundated with daily that it doesn’t take much for the audience to get a concept within a minute or 30 seconds.

T: How did you come up with the title for the album?

B: I felt like everything in my life has led up to a specific moment; we all try to define what that is and forget to live in the moment by trusting the process in life and in the end everything will make sense.

T: Does life make sense to you right now?

B: Hahaha NO! [laughs]

T: How does it feel to release this album on your own record label, Slug Records?

B: Surreal. It is gratifying not in the sense of proving others wrong, but gratifying that I had the foresight to know that this was the next step for me as an artist. It took a lot of patience, perseverance and being diligent to the vision to see my vision come to pass.

T: How did/does Atlanta influence your sound, music, creativity?

B: Atlanta is a great launch pad for ideas and being able to test out music, culture and art because its not seen as a competitive city like LA or NY. It births a certain energy that creates art out of necessity in the purest form.

T: Why did you move to LA?

B: I moved to LA because I knew for what I wanted to do this time around the production value had to be at a level to be seen as such. I also wanted to create a project and nurture my talent in a place where other musicians and artists are like me! I was challenged but also inspired by the culture, the weather and the vibe to create the sonics that you hear on the project.

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T: What do you miss the most about ATL and love the most about LA?

B: I miss my friends and tribe in Atlanta. I feel like Atlanta has such a strong community but I feel like LA pushes you to be the best artist you can be, because everyone is TIGHT!

T: Favourite show to binge watch?

B: Stranger Things!

T: When you get a moment to pause, what do you like to do for self care?

B: Go to the beach!

Listen to ‘Some Day This All Will Make Sense‘ and watch the ‘Piano Song’ MV below.

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