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PAUSE Her Q&A With Designer Jenn Lee

PAUSE Her Q&A With Designer Jenn Lee

We caught up with designer Jenn Lee during London Fashion Week to discuss her AW20 collection.

Tomi: What would you say is the main inspiration behind your show today?

Jenn: My constant grand concept is always women’s liberation. A particular inspiration is foot binding which is the old time Chinese tradition to make women’s feet really tiny to restrain themselves. So, I took this idea to make a whole collection and also the feet binding is related to sex fetishes. I played into the porngraphic side of things as well.

T: Describe your collection in three words.

J: That’s difficult. Sexy, street and fun!

T: How has Taiwan inspired your collection?

J: The street scene in Taiwan is quite chaotic. So with choosing fabric I kind of like picking ones with imperfections. Also studying in London, the punk fashion scene also inspired me. I like to match all of those elements together.

T: How do you like to set the mood when designing your pieces in the studio?

J: We always play music very loud!

T: When you get a chance to pause, what do you like to do for self care?

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J: Netflix [laughs]! I love going to concerts as well.

T: I think your fashion week invitation was actually one of the best ones I’ve seen. How did you come to collaborate with the artist?

J: The artist is my friend Chouyi. We just played with it and made it fun. I love to have everything in a fun way because the world now has too many sad things happening so let’s make it fun!

See the full collection here.

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