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PAUSE Her Q&A With Flo Milli

PAUSE Her Q&A With Flo Milli

We caught up with one of our favourite new rappers, Flo Milli, she became a viral sensation on TikTok last year with the songs ‘Beef FloMix‘ and ‘In The Party‘. It’s so hard to hear a song of hers and not try to lipsync every word alongside with her, her personality and flow is just so infectious. So it should come as no surprise that fellow rapper Cardi B has championed her online, praising her unique and catchy voice. We discussed her new single ‘Eat It Up‘, why TikTok is so popular right now and what qualities makes a woman a savage.

Tomi: The music video for ‘Eat It Up’ is super fun and made me crave cereal. If you could liken yourself to a cereal, which one would you choose and why?

Flo Milli: I would choose Fruity Pebbles with marshmallows because that’s my favourite cereal. I could eat that cereal all day, everyday!

T: How has Alabama influenced the way that you rap?

F: The obstacles I had to go through being from Alabama, being a girl from the south. I’m not sure how other places in the world works but sometimes out here you come across certain attitudes. Just the experiences I’ve been through have influenced the way I rap, not so much my style but what I rap about.

T: Is there a particular environment you need to be in when you’re writing lyrics, what helps you get in the zone?

F: I feel better when I’m around nature, I go to the park a lot to write. It just makes me feel refreshed so I would say that nature helps me write better.

T: What different sides of Flo Milli can we expect to see on your upcoming EP?

F: You can expect to see more fun, bubbly and girly music with a little more of a sassy attitude. I’m transitioning from my high school self to my adult self so it’s going to be a cool transition but it’ll still have a youthful taste to it.

T: You’ve gone viral on TikTok a few times, why do you think the platform is so popular right now?

F: The platform is popular because it’s a fun way for people to show their personalities. It’s especially blowing up right now as most people are stuck in the house with nothing to do.

T: How have you been keeping yourself entertained during the quarantine?

F: I like to listen to music, if I’m not in the house then I like to drive and get inspired. I get inspired by just driving and listening to beats. My day consists of just trying to better myself in music, I’m using this time to grow.

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T: Have you been keeping up with these Versuz battles? What two artists would you like to see go against each other?

F: I haven’t watched any yet but I guess I’d like to see Keyshia Cole Vs O.T. Genasis [laughter]. He was trying to diss her and I think she’ll out sing him for sure.

T: What new elements are you looking to bring to your performances once you’re back on the road again?

F: I want my performances to be more vibrant, more entertaining and if more people could be involved, then I would like to have dancers. I want my energy to be more hype.

T: You have a tattoo of the word savage, what qualities do you think make a woman a savage?

F: Number one is standing up for yourself, not taking any bullshit from any man and chasing a bag, following your dreams. Just doing what is expected of you. That’s what makes you savage, when you go after something even if people doubt you or tell you no but you go after it anyways.

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