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PAUSE Her Meets: Heidz

PAUSE Her Meets: Heidz

Clothing credits: Necklace – Vitality
Corset – Dani Hacket 
Trousers – Mimii Muse 
Boots – Shelly’s

Meet the editorial team:

Fashion Stylist & Creative Direction – Kitty Cowell
Assistant Stylist – Rhiannon Brailsford
Photographer – Kaye Ford
MUA – Nic Marilyn
Hair – Michaela Bodden

Clothing credits: Top – By Sofia Somer
Hat & Waistcoat – Monki
Shorts – Levis

Please can you introduce yourself and explain what you do?

I’m Heidz, a part french/Indian musician, songwriter and mixed media artist/illustrator from London. I’m currently working on my new urban pop project, which blends music and art.

You are a really creative person, has this been since you were tiny? 

10000%! When I was 6 I was painting and building my own dolls houses out of cardboard boxes, I even made my own children’s bedroom design company called ‘snazzy living’. I’ve kept a diary since I was 8 and used to draw and paint my emotions and experiences using coloured pens and pencils. I wrote my first song at the age of 8 after watching ‘Coyote Ugly’, I would write about the boys I fancied, problems at school and make up stories from concepts I had seen in films. 

Clothing credits: Dress – Monki
Sunglasses – Vintage Dior @ Brawta Collection 
Clothing credits: Sunglasses Vintage Chanel @ Shop My Vault
Top – Monki
Trousers – Vintage Just Cavalli @ Shop My Vault
Shoes – Vagabond
Headscarf – Vintage Moschino

How would your describe your musical sound?

I think of my music as a piece of art on a canvas, As an artist i paint my songs as if i were an expressionist, depressionist and a realist. if I could put my lyrics into a painting I’d be creating pop art similar to the likes of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. The lyrics of my songs flow like a colourful stroke of paint on a clear white  canvas. They flow with urban rock pop and alternative melodic sounds representing who I am and my story as a creative, in hopes my listeners can connect and relate. 

When can we expect a new single / video release? 

My new music will be released in the upcoming months after a whole 2 years of silence. I’m unbelievably excited to share this project and believe it’s the beginning of something that truly beholds who I am in the music scene. 

Clothing credits: Tracksuit – Juicy Couture
Boots – Shelly’s
Sunglasses – Vintage Armani @ Brawta Collection

You have launched a new brand, specially for phone covers, what made you choose that as the product?

@ArtDealerClub has now launched!! After 2 years of working towards this moment. Trying to keep everything as sustainable as possible, as well as building the unique concept and branding has been a massive journey! Phone cases are just phase 1, we actually have a whole clothing collection, skateboards, art pieces, prints and accessories that will be dropping over the next 3 months. The original ADC platform used to be my old channel called @ConfettiCrowd – the UK’s original female empowerment girl gang. We are using the next 3 months to re-engage our followers into ADC enthusiasts by slowly releasing the rest of the brand.

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What was your favourite outfit from this photoshoot?

I absolutely loved the Juicy couture 2 piece! It brought back a lot of nostalgia from being a kid. I always wanted to buy juicy couture when I was younger but could never afford it, since the shoot I brought myself the 2 piece jogger set in black.

It’s been great having you in PAUSE Her and speaking to you – do you want to finish off with anything else you want to share today?

‘Be yourself and no one else, real happiness is within accepting and accelerating who you truly are.’ Follow me on insta @Heidztheartist for new music!

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