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PAUSE Her Meets: Josie Man

PAUSE Her Meets: Josie Man

Josie Man is a 21 year old singer, born in South London, with strong family connections to Hong Kong. ‘Kitsch’ is a word which you may hear her described as. Think pink, in fuchsia, and now add flamingos, sequins, glitter and all the fun disco memorabilia you can think. This is Josie. Genuinely sweet, with the sweetest vocals and some catchy pop—both nostalgic and refreshing. 

We sat down to talk to the starlet about growing up and the story behind her hit, Colours. Josie’s EP is out now and is called aLOVINGboothang

Meet The Team
Photographer: Meara Kallista / @mearakallista 
Stylist: Joshua Meredith / @joshuameredith
Assistant Stylist: Shannon Reynolds / @shanreynolds_
Hair and makeup: Maya Man / @mayamanartist
Production: Coree Jayvon / @coreejayvon
Special thanks to: @peckhamlevels and @nearandfarbar 
Archived clothing: 97th Vintage / @97thvintage
Cowboy Hat: Lamont Wear / @lamontwear

Interview by Sonia Akther.

How would you describe your style? 

I’m not sure I have one specific style, I wear what reflects the way I feel that day and what makes me feel my best, my most comfortable and the most me!

Clothing credits: Top – Fendi at 97th Vintage , Bottoms – MCM at 97th Vintage, Shoes- Clark’s x Carhartt 

Could you tell us about growing up between HK and London? 

So I didn’t grow up in Hong Kong but I travelled there a lot when I was younger and still visit! My grandad’s parents have a home there in a little village, and both my grandparents live there for half of the year! It’s amazing to have been able to go there and visit the Buddha, pray to our ancestors and meet all of my relatives that live there. It feels like home in Hong Kong, I don’t feel like a tourist because my dad knows where to go and we have so much family there. I love Hong Kong for the markets and the ABSOLUTE bargains! 

How have these cities influenced your music? 

I think they have given me experience and something to talk and be passionate about!

Clothing credits: Leotard- River Island, Blazer- Barena, Shorts- Stylists own, Shoes- Gayeon Lee,
Black tulle bow – Agne Kuzmickaite

‘Colours’ is a beautiful song about identity, could you tell us the journey, from inception to music video? 

Thank you so much!! This song’s about me wanting people to accept each other, to be more open minded and just to be kinder! We wrote this in the little studio in my garden that my dad made for my family and me! Colours came along so naturally, we wrote the first time we (Josh Scarbrow, Hannah Yadi and myself) all met. They made me feel in a safe and comfortable place where I could be really open and honest with them! That day I had a lot on my mind, I was starting to become scared of going out because of what people were gonna say to me because of the way I dressed! Hannah asked me to write down what was on my mind that day as a way to start ideas flowing and then highlighted the bits that stood out. Then before we knew it, we were jumping around to the first demo of the song!  A couple months later, we wanted to release Colours as a single with a video! I had a fun time creating the treatment using pictures from Pinterest to explain what it looked like in my head! We then found a director, Jocelyn Antequil, who I had worked with before, to be a part of it and with the help of my amazing manager and team we were all ready to shoot!  It was my first music video shoot and I had my family there to keep me company! My mum helped with the food, my sister Maya did my make up, my dad was inside the dragon costume and one of my cousins was in the video! To see the video come to life really made me happy and I still can’t believe I’ve had the opportunity to do it!

Clothing credits: Top- Simon Mo, Jacket- Agnè Kuzmickatie, Jeans- Replay 

What are you listening to rn? 

I’m listening to Justin Bieber’s new album Changes and I can’t stop watching Little Simz’s Tiny Desk from 2 years ago!

What were you listening to, growing up? 

I grew up listening to the BeeGee’s,  Paul Weller, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers from my parents and then my sisters and I would take over the aux with Jojo, Cassie, Jordan Sparks, Shontelle, Pussycat Dolls and Beyoncé! 

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Clothing credits: Top- Dior at 97th Vintage, Skirt- Filippa K, Jacket- River Island ,
Shoes – Clark’s x Stussy 

Tattoo stories? 

I had my palms tattooed and didn’t tell my dad , I kept it hidden for so so long because I didn’t want to upset him (even though he has his whole back done) and then I put my hand out to ask for some change to go and buy some water and he finally saw them! I went so red hahaha.

Anything exciting coming up, we should all know about? 

I have some singles to be released which I’m so so so excited for and an Annie Mac Presents show in March!

Clothing credits: Shirt – Wen Pan, Trousers – Wen Pan, Shoes – Clark’s x Stussy 

And last, but not least, who would be your dream dinner date? And what would be on your plate?

My dream dinner date would be with Rihanna in a jungle with butterflies all around us and we’d be eating the BIGGEST gluten free and vegan roast! 

Josie’s EP is available here.

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