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PAUSE Her Meets: Nat Winter

PAUSE Her Meets: Nat Winter

PAUSE Her meets the Influencer and Photographer Nat Winter, otherwise known to you by her Instagram handle: @natwinter_

Meet the team
Styling & Creative Direction: Samantha Ria
Photographer: Jack Alexander
Videographer: Noah Sapon
Hair Stylist: Kayleigh Jane
MUA: Mario Brooksbank
Influencer: Nat Winter

Interview by Johnson Gold.

So tell me about you. What are you doing at the moment, career-wise? What’s keeping you busy? 

N: Well I’m firstly a photographer, that’s what I started doing; I did it at university and at college. Then, through my photography, I’d get sent things to shoot, and one person asked me if I could shoot it on myself and that’s how I got into the whole influencer side of things and it really went crazy from there. It took over my photography because there’s just so much work!

When did that start? 

N: I’d say about three years ago, like 2016. That’s when I first started getting jobs in the influencer space, and then the last couple of years it really took over and I feel like people forgot I was a photographer! So now, since the beginning of this year, I’ve really been trying to push my photography more. I’ve got representation, and they represent me as a photographer and as an influencer. 

On the content creator side, which brands have you collaborated with?

N: Definitely Nike is one of my favourites, because I love trainers and I love Nike. Who else? I’ve just done quite a lot. I feel like all my favourite ones include trainers because I love trainers.  I just feel like they really finish off every outfit. I feel like I base all of my outfits around trainers, I pick trainers first then pick my outfit around them. 

Top: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: BDG at Urban Outfitters, Hat and belt: Urban Outfitters, Glasses: Kenzo

Have you ever considered doing modelling?

N: Not really, I get a bit nervous and I’m not that comfortable with doing proper modelling kind of stuff. When I just take my normal pictures, my mum just takes them so it’s easier for me. 

In terms of photography, what kind of style are you into? 

N: I love shooting on film, like 35mm film, that’s my kind of thing. I also love editorial kind of stuff. My favourite shoot I’ve done was for Gaffer magazine. That was really good, I loved it and it was really fun. They got all the teams together and had a set designer that I got to work with, so that was really fun because it had all the elements to put it all together. I really love shooting on location; I think the location is a big thing to my images. I don’t really do much studio stuff, I just like pairing it all together and making it whole. 

You grew up in Kent. How has Kent influenced your style? 

N: I don’t know, I feel like my whole childhood and teenage-hood, I wasn’t always massively into fashion. It wasn’t until I started Uni in Greenwich that I really started getting into fashion. I guess it was coming into London and seeing it all. 

What kind of things did you have to come to London for?

N: So to see exhibitions and stuff like that, with all my uni friends. They’d take me to Brick Lane because a lot of them were from London anyway so I got to know London more and all the trendy places to go shopping. 

How would you compare London to where you live?

N: London obviously is just crazy, shops everywhere. My local town only has a New Look and Primark, and everything else is just charity shops, but I love charity shops. 

Glasses: Balenciaga, Jacket: AllSaints
Jacket and jeans: AllSaints, Jumper: Sand, Trainers: Models own, Glasses: Balenciaga

With London being more in your face and creative, how did you tap into it? 

N: I’ve always liked taking pictures, even when I was little, I’d want to take my camera and take my mum’s picture. I was quite young when I got my first digital camera and I used to take pictures of everything, then went onto taking pictures at college. At first I used to take pictures of trees and then I realised it was fashion photography that I liked and it just grew from there. Influencing is fun, and there’s good money in it and there’s lots of jobs but I want to stay true to what I originally loved and love doing it, I feel like they go hand-in-hand together. 

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Jumper: Sies Marjan at Browns, Trousers: Palm Angels at Browns, Trainers: Buffalo at Schuh, Glasses: Courreges

If I were to go into your wardrobe, what would I find? 

N: A lot of comfy stuff! I just love being comfy so a lot of tracksuit bottoms, a lot of jumpers. I love big baggy tracksuit bottoms with like a cute little crop top and a big coat. I have loads of puffer jackets. I have so many sunglasses, I feel like I’m a hoarder for sunglasses and trainers. A lot of accessories and jewellery. 

How do you manage all your clothes? Because it sounds like you have a lot.

N: I mean it is quite hard but I have like a normal wardrobe for all the stuff that I love and then stuff I get gifted. I give a lot to my sisters and my mum because she takes my pictures. Sometimes she’s like ‘Oh can I have that?’ So I give her a lot of stuff. 

In terms of social media, what do you love about it and what do you hate about it? 

N: I love that it’s so easy to show what you want to do, and I feel like my whole career has started from Instagram. I feel like the success I’ve had with my photography is through Instagram, just posting all my little shoots I was doing through uni and people seeing it. It really just grew from there thanks to social media. But I do hate that it can be a bit much, so it can be a lot of pressure at times, feeling like your living your life thinking about what you’re going to post, or whatever you’re doing, you’ll be feeling like ‘I need to post it’. It can be a bit annoying. 

How do you balance both? To live and enjoy your travelling but knowing that you still want to get some content.

N: I feel like I do just relax and enjoy, but still I do try and get a quick little bit of content.

Jacket and jeans: AllSaints, Jumper: Sand, Trainers: Models own

In the future, where do you see yourself? Say in three years time? 

N: I’ll be hoping that I’d have more regular photography things going on because it’s my passion but I really like all the stuff I’m doing now, so more of that I guess. I think in three years I’d like to be having a good balance of both of those paths.

Jacket: ASOS, Trousers: Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili at Browns, Jumper: Sand, Glasses: McQ, Trainers: Calvin Klein at Schuh
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