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PAUSE Her Meets: Pip Millett

PAUSE Her Meets: Pip Millett

Known for her soulful, chilled blend of R&B and jazz, Manchester-born singer-songwriter Pip Millett is the moment. A beacon to all audiences, Pip Millett separates herself from contemporaries not only by the breadth of her stylistic passion, but also by her attitude towards music as a whole. Suffused with authenticity and staggered in its intensity, music serves as catharsis for Millett, a method of deeper expression. 

As the Greek philosopher Aristotle once famously suggested, “by overwhelming us with an undesirable emotion, music (or drama) somehow purges us of it…” Pip’s latest single ‘Downright’, pays homage to this notion. A confessional track balanced with a contemplative undertone that foreshadows the tastes of her newest offerings. 

In my eagerness to elaborate, I ask Pip what approach she uses to express her feelings of love most effectively. The response: through action (not only sonically but physically as well). “Music is really powerful. It helps me express things out loud in a different way, and can help me understand my thoughts,” she explains.

In an exclusive interview with PAUSE Her, Pip Millett takes the time to talk about her career milestones, musical influences and the value of expression. Check out the full interview below.

Interview: Amal AlTauqi
Photographer – Maya Ashton
Stylist- Lucy Parker
Stylist Assistant: Emily Gleeson
MUA: Ashley Jordan Jones
Special thanks to The Alan Hotel, MCR and Studio NYNEX

Hey Pip, welcome back to PAUSE. I hear you’re gearing up for yet another release. Without giving away too much, what can we expect?

Hey! Yes I’ve got quite a few songs and I’m putting an album together which is pretty exciting! I’ve got songs with producers I’ve worked with a lot before as well as some newbies… it’s going to be really good. There’s a few different vibes. 

Looking at your last project, it was a declaration of love to yourself. What role does music play in grounding you to inner peace and mental clarity in such an unsteady world?

My music helps me get things out and process things which is really helpful. Listening to other peoples music can help me relax, or can be a nice distraction to the weird times we live in. I’ve been listening to my Motion Sick EP recently, it’s nice to hear myself getting those feelings out of my head.

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In which way do you translate love the most effectively? What’s your love language?

I think mostly through my actions. I think I’m pretty caring and have a tendency to show my love through looking after people.

I mean, you humbly reveal the care and love you have for the people around you through your musical palette. Has music always been cathartic for you?

Always! Music is really powerful like that. It helps me express things out loud in a different way, and can help kind me understand my thoughts or things that have happened. It’s helpful!  

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Your sound glides on minimal production techniques without sacrificing the emotive nature of your lyrics. Is this a conscious decision of yours?

No not really. I think maybe the production works with the lyrics because the people that I am working with seem to understand my vibe and what it is that I’m doing on a song, and compliment it really well. I’m lucky to work with some great producers. 

Would you be so kind in sharing your process of making a song?

It varies to be honest, but my favourite songs have usually started at home on guitar and then been taken to a producer.

As you often delve into your past through lyricism, tell us about how your love of music began.

I always loved listening to music. Who doesn’t? I just remember going on car journeys so that I could listen to a CD on the way to wherever my mum was going.

You received guitar lessons as a present from your mother. Was that a mother’s instinct or premonition? What was it about the guitar?

I’d asked for a bass guitar one year and I think the next year it made sense to then get lessons so it was a natural step up I think. 

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In what ways do you incorporate the musical influences that you once had as a child into the music you make now?

I’m still listening to the influences I had then so I’d assume musically that passes on. I think when you listen to certain genres so much, you begin to create your own version of it.

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What key moments have led to this new album?

The thing I love about Manchester, is the creative pockets you find yourself amongst. Often referred to as the gateway of the north, there’s room for everyone. Creatives, artists, musicians, all-rounders. In fact, it thrives as Europe’s second most creative city. How would you describe its musical landscape at this very moment? 

Manchester has so many amazing musicians currently and it’s an exciting time for them all. The north seems to be being heard, which for a while, it felt like it wasn’t. 

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Let’s face it. We’re all an individual thing, a small matter of existence on this floating rock. With that in mind, what mark do you wish to leave behind on this earth? As a musician, or perhaps just as a human being?

I guess I’d like to have left behind some self love and empathy. I want for more people to care for themselves and the planet and people around them.

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Tell us about a pinch-me moment in your career.

Singing on stage at Cross the tracks. Lovely crowd.

If there was one thing you would want a new listener to understand about your music, what would it be and why?

There’s hope in every song.

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