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PAUSE Her Meets: Shae Universe

PAUSE Her Meets: Shae Universe

Clothing credits: Gloves – Gucci, Dress – ASOS, Rings – Mawi & Tiana Jewel London

Acquiring a strong impulse to both sonically and physically explore, Shae’s Universe is abounding with silky smooth vocals, nostalgic soundscapes and an impressive artistic palette. Born in Nigeria and raised in London, pursuing wanderlust almost comes as second nature for Shae. Gracing us with a warm welcome, PAUSE Her delves into the innermost layer of her very own universe. Take a read below.

Welcome to Shae’s Universe.

Meet the editorial team:

Clothing credits: Jacket – Farrah, Skirt – Molly both from Collini Milano
Necklace, earrings & ring – Mawi, Shoes – ASOS

For our readers who may not know – describe the significance behind your track ‘111’? 

Well, 111 is a number that found me in November 2019  when I visited Brooklyn, New York for the first time. It was my first solo trip as Shae Universe and at the time I had no idea that these numbers would become so significant in my life. My door number whilst I was out there was 111 and when I got back to the UK I randomly started to see it everywhere, every day. It got so mind-boggling that I had to research it. I discovered that many people around the world also see that number and it’s said to present itself at a time of elevation, transition or awakening in one’s life. It’s also globally known to be a sign that you are on the right path, and exactly where you are meant to be at this moment in time. The day I wrote ‘111’ I opened my voice note recording app in the studio, as I usually do, to record some melodies as I listened to the beat play. After recording the melodies I looked down to press stop and noticed that it was my 111th voice note. At that moment I knew that whatever I wrote in that session was to be centred around synchronicity. And there you have it, 111!

Clothing credits: Dress – Jean Paul Gaultier @ Nordic Poetry,
Necklace – ‘Under the sea’ @ Samantha Siu New York

How did your debut solo trip to Brooklyn have an impact on your career as a musician? 

That trip really helped my self-confidence as creative. It made me trust my creative instinct more and realise that I am more than capable of executing my vision as long as I stay focused. 

Synchronicities are often regarded as a ‘meaningful coincidence’. Has your experience with said provided depth for your creative output and approach to music?

That’s a really interesting question. I’ve never really thought about that before but I guess it has. All the ‘meaningful coincidences’ that take place in my life remind me that I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing. Although that’s not directly related to my creative output, it fuels the creative output by keeping my faith strong.

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If there’s one thing you wish to prove as an artist, what would it be?
I’d love to prove that growth is a necessary part of the journey that needs to be embraced and not skipped. 

What type of music were you exposed to growing up
I listened to a range of music growing up. In my family household, it was mainly gospel, Nigerian praise and old school ballad singers. At school, I’d listen to mainstream R&B, pop, grime and bashment. And in my alone time, I’d listen to 90s R&B, alternative R&B, hip hop, afro-beats and funky house. 

Clothing credits: Gloves – Gucci, Dress – ASOS, Rings – Mawi & Tiana Jewel London, Bag – Gucci, Shoes – ASOS

What else can we expect from you in the next year or so?
More timeless music, a body of work (or multiple) and a significant rise in my international presence.

Clothing credits: Jacket – Farrah, Skirt – Molly both from Collini Milano
Necklace, earrings & ring – Mawi, Shoes – ASOS
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