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PAUSE Her At Home With @portiaferrari

PAUSE Her At Home With @portiaferrari

COVID-19 has completely flipped our lives upside down across the globe, any sense of normalcy and routine has gone out of the window. Most of us are now at home figuring out what to do with our time. Of course if you feel like doing absolutely nothing that is fine, take the time to rest, no one should make you feel bad about that. For those of you looking for some ideas, we’ve called upon our favourite people to help share how they’ve been spending their time at home.

Today on our Staying Home series we have Presenter and Actress Portia Janelle Williams.


It goes without saying that change is among us and the pressure of adapting immediately is crazy, especially if you are creative (which everyone naturally is unless you’ve suppressed it). But saying that, I think this is the perfect time to connect back with yourself and find/develop/ your creativity again.

The majority of the pressure of having to be somewhere and do a million things has been taken away, leaving us free to create our own way of living and being everyday which can cause stress or open a million more doors.

I’ve been up and down and many others have been too which is perfectly normal but within that I have just been looking after myself, trying to keep balanced ticking off the basics; drinking plenty of water, exercise, good food, delightful bathing/self care and indulging in TREATS lol. It’s the perfect time to do all the things your heart and soul wants to do that you never have time to do and for me that is following my desire to create and choice to have fun, even if its just making stupid videos that make me and others laugh on Insta story!

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I am currently painting (a Picasso obvs), reading my huge pile of astrology books, twerking daily to Megan Thee Stallion, trying new hair styles, stuffing my face with hummus crisps (lemon and chilli flavour) and conquering some very difficult yoga poses. Whatever brings me and others joy, happiness and comfort I’M DOIN’ IT.

Remember to stay safe and of course, wash your hands!

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