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PAUSE Her Meets: Tamera

PAUSE Her Meets: Tamera

Meet The Team
Artist/Model: Tamera Foster
Stylist/Creative Director: Chanel Baker
Photographer: Meeks Rayvon
Assistant Stylist (Look 3) & Videographer: Shaquille-Aaron Keith
MUA: Eliza Clarke
Hair Stylist: Riam Sanusi
Interviewer: Tom Barker

Special thanks to The Sanderson Hotel, London.

PAUSE Her caught up with Musician Tamera earlier this month, and spoke all things music, fashion and Kanye’s styling!

Clothing credits: Shirt and tie – Stylists own, Tie Pin – Martine Rose, Trousers – ASOS, Chain Belt – Nasty Gal, Earrings – Weekday, Rings – Feather Pendants, Bag – Telfar @ Browns Fashion

Your first single recently, Romeo, came out recently. Where you nervous releasing it?

Yeah I was definitely nervous releasing that song. One because its my first single, two because its such a personal one and for a long time my music was almost my comfort blanket because its mine, I didn’t have to share it with anybody so when that time came it’s definitely daunting. But its exciting! I’ve had good feedback, so it’s all been good.

How have people reacted to the track?

It’s been really really positive, I’ve been so happy. We had some good radio support and I keep getting loads of lovely messages on social media from people saying they heard the song which is always great.

What inspired the lo-fi R’n’B mood of the song?

The beat, we listened to… I think it was the Teyana Taylor album, the new one that just dropped and that’s how the beat came about. Quite lo-fi RnB you’re right and the lyrics and the melody came as inspiration from the beat. I followed the melody a little bit. 

The lyrics are very personal, how long where you writing that song for?

I was writing that song for about three days. It was just something that I had to get out at the time. My boyfriend at the time was not a romantic at all but he would teach me a lot and that was one of the things I really loved about being in a relationship and I feel like a lot of people get in that situation, so I thought its good to put that in a song. 

Is that song a good snapshot of what the future holds for you musically?

The sound is definitely evolving so I wouldn’t say it’s a snapshot of what you should expect but its a good entry point.

And with the song being so personal is that a theme in your music?

Yes and no. A lot of the time I write because I have to get something of my chest or there’s something I’m going through that I have to make sense of and then sometimes I’m just in a really good mood and I have nothing painful to write about so I maybe take inspiration from a movie or something I heard that day and I just elaborate on the story and have fun with it.

Clothing credits: Top – The K Label, Trousers: Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvilli @ Browns Fashion, Shoes – Topshop, Scarf – Zara, Rings – Feather Pendants, Sunglasses: Kenzo

I’m going to guess you’re sitting on a lot of music at the moment. If you look back to the songs you we’re first making how have they changed compared to the ones you’re making now?

Oh my goodness! When I first started making music I was pretty clueless. I always used to write poetry and short stories but never songs – I didn’t know how to structure them so it was a lot of just vibes with no structure. It was a lot of fun, its good, sometimes I look back on them to remind myself of how free you can be with music.

Which musicians have inspired you?

First of all, I have Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Whitehouse and Stevie Wonder, I love all of those. But I’ve been delving into the music I used to listen to when I was a kid and I realized I used to listen to loads of Usher, I literally know all the words – love him. And Miss Dynamite, so I found her song Dy-Na-Mi-Tee that was my first favourite song ever! And I heard it again for the first time last week and it made me realise where I get a lot of my flows from and the way I manipulate melodies and everything – it’s from that song! So I have to pay tribute to her all the time now. We used to be bumping that from young. Too young!

Clothing credits: All clothing – MMRMS Studios, Boots – Margiela, Bag – Stylists own, Glasses – Kenzo

What are your three favourite albums of all time?

Michael Jackson – Dangerous, Drake – Take Care, insane I used to lock myself in my room and just vibe to that all day and Whitney Houston – Greatest Hits! Any day of the week, she can do no wrong!

Clothing credits: Trousers: Telfar @ Browns Fashion, Bralet – Urban Outfitters, Trainers – Nike @ Size?, Jewellery – Feather Pendants

Are you working on any projects at the moment?

Yes! We are just about to shoot the video for our next single which is very exciting and I have a couple of exciting things lined up for the new year as well, I don’t want to disclose names or anything but I have a couple of things lined up.

Clothing credits: Jacket – Vintage (stylists own), Dress – Urban Outfitters, Boots – Zara, Jewellery – Feather Pendants, Glasses – Loewe

How would you describe your fashion style?

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I would describe my style as a mood because I don’t really have a lane that I’m in. Its just how I feel when I wake up, if I feel happy I’m probably going to wear bright colours, blue jeans, white clothes. If I feel serious, I’ve got a busy day ahead blacked out, like right now!

If you could swap wardrobes with any celebrity who would it be?

That’s a hard one! I don’t know! I have to replace all my clothes… I don’t want to answer this wrong! First of all Lady Gaga, because she is so much fun and I think her outfits are like fancy dress so that would be mad fun. But then Teyana Taylor because I feel like she has the perfect balance between masculine and feminine but then also super-duper sexy but not too revealing either. I’m all about that I love it.

Clothing credits: Suit – Zara, Scarf and Gloves – Stylists own, Glasses – Loewe, Jewellery – Feather Pendants

How are you dressing for this winter?

Layers layers layers! Trench coats and scarves! And bucket hats probably, I’m going to go and buy a load of bucket hats.

Which designer would you want to design a red carpet look for you?

Oh wow! I think it would be fun if Kanye West could style me because I think he has a very sick minimalist eye, but he also does a lot with it which I like. I love my nudes and I love not having too much going on so I think that could be good.

Yeah, Kanye gets overlooked for his designing too much!

He does! It’s true he shapes everything, so classic.

Stream Tamera’s new single, ‘Don’t Phone’, here.

Check out Tamera’s video for her debut single ‘Romeo’ below.

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