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PAUSE Her Meets: Tiana Major9

PAUSE Her Meets: Tiana Major9

PAUSE Her caught up with R&B Singer Tiana Major9 to talk about her latest EP, At Sixes and Sevens, style, and getting back on that stage post COVID-19!

Meet The Team:


How are you, 2020 has been so heavy, how has the year been for you? 

It’s been up and down because obviously Corona has stopped everything, but it’s been good I can’t complain! I’m living my dream! It’s also been an eye opening year too!

As somebody that doesn’t make music, I will never understand what it feels like to release a song let alone an EP. How does it feel now that the EP is out there?

I’m happy it’s finally out there; I’m glad people can finally get to hear it as much as I enjoy it! 

I’ve tried to figure out what ‘at sixes and sevens’ signifies, but I can’t. So what does it mean?

So to be at sixes and sevens means to be at a state of total confusion, that’s the exact definition. In terms of the project, I have a bunch of love songs and i’m at sixes and sevens around the concept of love. Just trying to figure it all out! 

Why was it important to release the EP now?

Just to keep the ball rolling and to be consistent to be honest. I haven’t stopped writing, so just to give people more music. 

Your name, The Major 9th Chord, what is the significance and why did you feel compelled to include that in your name? 

If you know about jazz music, you’d know about it straight away. It’s a chord in jazz music. I just wanted to bring them into the world of jazz and help them understand the genre can be fun. 


Conversation around UK R&B, support/lack of support, does it get tiring always speaking about it? 

Yeah and no! It does get annoying because people can do something about it if they want to! It’s good to start the conversation though, I think it’s deeper than not supporting R&B artists. It’s a black thing. Loads of these artists are black and then we unfold deeper things.

When you performed ‘Rainfall’ at the BRITS, it was such a beautiful moment with the rain literally falling. Talk me through the link up with Stormzy and that night.

It was amazing, it was very last minute. So I had three days to prepare, I was even coming back from LA. It was a lot, it was amazing, I would love to do it again and it was great to see so many people that look like me on stage!

Congratulations on the success of ‘Collide’ with Earthgang, Queen and Slim soundtrack, how did that come about?

Motown asked me if i wanted to be a part of the soundtrack for the movie. Then they sent me the song, usually I find it hard to sing songs that other people have written. But I read the script and I really liked the story and I thought that it would be an iconic movie.

Did you anticipate it being the success that it has? 

No way! No way! I didn’t even think it would do what it’s done today!  So i’m very grateful for the opportunity!  


How do you tap out of the internet and social media?

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It’s kinda hard to, because my label is in America so I’ll be working in the day and sometimes in the evening too. I don’t really get the chance to tap out as much as I’d like to, but when I’m home I’ll just watch something on Netflix, cook some food! I like to cook a lot.

I love the interlude’s on the album “I accept my emotions”, “Open to love” and “What’s mine”. Why did you feel like you had to put those on there?

I feel like when I did it, I didn’t consider the title or anything, I just did it. I knew I had to make interludes but I wasn’t inspired enough to really write a script and do a full production. I wasn’t in that space. So I did the most honest thing I could do, which was talk to myself on record. 

If you were on a desert island and you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? 

D’angelo “How does it feel”, I just love D’angelo! Chronic “Skankin’ sweet”! And I’d listen to one of my songs “Mr Mysterious”. 

Let’s talk fashion, how would you describe your style? 

I think my style is in the beginning stages, I just wear what’s comfortable for me. I like a lot of colour and I sometimes mix luxury and high street brands. I don’t have enough money to have the style I want.

I saw you live at Camden Assembly early last year. When do you reckon it’ll be safe for you to get back on stage? 

I really do miss it, that was my thing. Performing and being in front of people, I love it. I’ll probably be back soon, no one really knows! 

What’s the one thing you would like to achieve in the remaining months of this year? 

To write another project, just to have it there written! Plus greater self awareness really! 

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