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PAUSE Her Q&A: Stephanie Poetri

PAUSE Her Q&A: Stephanie Poetri

Indonesia-American singer-songwriter Stephanie Poetri is one to watch out for, with her beautiful low-fi songs and dream-like aesthetics. The rising popstar immediately caught our attention with her catchy 2019 hit song ‘I Love You 3000‘ featuring Chinese megastar Jackson Wang. Now with the recent release of her debut EP ‘AM:PM‘, Stephanie continues to make us feel all of the feels. The reflective project is the perfect blend of the hopefulness we feel in the morning and the melancholic thoughts that run through our minds at night. The latest single from the EP ‘Paranoia‘ is an upbeat song, with an eerily haunting sound of a clock ticking throughout, that flawlessly describes the feeling of being too much in your own head. Stephanie’s knack for putting the most simple and most difficult thoughts to paper, and turning them into enjoyable pop track is a true talent!

Congratulations on your debut EP ‘AM:PM’. What made you want explore the theme of am to pm for your first project?

Thank you! I wanted to be able to provide more than one vibe for people to listen to as my aim as a musician is to create songs people can listen to as background music throughout their day. By giving two options, AM and PM, there are more settings where people can enjoy my music!

Sticking to the theme, did you only make the AM songs during the am and the PM during the pm?

I didn’t realize I did until recently when I actually remembered that I wrote the PM songs in the US and I always had sessions at night, but because of timezones, I had to wake up in the morning to do Zoom calls with my producers while I was in Indonesia, and ended up writing the AM side that way!

What time does your creativity flow the most, during the am or pm?

I am definitely a night owl! I just feel more in tune with my emotions at night!

You wrote the song ‘How We Used To’ after you moved to the US. How has the transition been so far and what do miss most about your home in Indonesia?

Moving was such an exciting concept for me. I always thought that for me to be able to fully take off with my career, I would need to move out. But I was also nervous because I had never left home before. There was a lot of fear in my mind that I would miss home too much, but I felt like I found things to focus on and found ways to cope with my homesickness and loneliness!

We heard graphic design is one of your passions. Was it you who designed your album cover?

I have loved graphic design since I was young, I’ve always been into art and it was always my focus in school. The person who made the cover art, Allen, did an amazing job as I told him what the vibe I wanted was etc. I think one thing I’m very grateful for is how many people are so good at what they do and I end up being able to rely on others to help me perfect the vision I have without having to fully focus on it!

If you could jump into the world of any cartoon series, which one would you pick and why?

There was this show that I used to watch growing up called ‘ChalkZone’ and it was this story of a boy with a magical chalk and he could draw a portal into a world inside a blackboard called the chalk zone. I thought that was a very fun concept and I would love to be able to draw whatever I want and have it appear in a separate dimension!

Your middle name is Poetri. Did your parents know you were destined to be a singer-songwriter?

The story behind Poetri was that my dad used to write poems fo my mom when they were dating, and also putri in Indonesian means princess, so it was a mix of those two! I don’t think they were expecting anything, just wanted to do something cool!

You won Best New Asian Artist – Indonesia at South Korea’s MAMA Awards show. What Korean artist would you love to collaborate with?

I am really into Rosé of Blackpink’s solo debut! I would love to write a song for her!

Where are you trying to catch your next sunrise and sunset?

New York City!

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