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PAUSE Her Q&A With: Ebhoni

PAUSE Her Q&A With: Ebhoni

Singer-songwriter Ebhoni will be the next big artist out of Toronto. Mark our words! Media publications have written that she is, “reclaiming the Toronto R&B crown for women.” Singles such as ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Bentayga‘ prove the above to be true but her debut EP ‘X’ is here to remind us that you shouldn’t put her in a box as far as music genres go. The EP comes in a sweet package of four tracks and is heavily influenced by a Caribbean and Afropop sound. Her most recent single ‘X Ting’ is a song about ignoring calls from a thirsty ex which features beautiful guitar strings throughout. The music video is a visual treat with Ebhoni looking like a model, as she and her girls turn up to the hair salon for a post break up glow up. Speaking of modelling, Ebhoni doesn’t just do music but is also deeply into fashion. Her first major modelling gig was for Savage X Fenty! The singer would also love to try her hand at acting and we believe she has the talent for it. If you don’t believe then go check out her hilarious videos on TikTok.

Photography: Chase Vassell

Tomi: Your latest single ‘Hit This’ is a different sound for you but still feels comfortable. What made you want to explore this sort of sound?

Ebhoni: I wouldn’t say it’s a case of exploring, I think the reason why it felt comfortable is the same reason it doesn’t feel like I was exploring. More so that we were having a great time in the studio and feeding off of each other in the studio. It was just a lot of fun!

T: Your fans are expecting your debut project soon. What do you have in store and what is something new we will learn about you?

E: I don’t like to look at this as a project, more so a recap of my favourite songs created over the last 2 years compiled together into a likkle sum sum. I think after listening to this you will understand a bit more about what I was doing over those few years. I began traveling a lot more, meeting new people and stepping outside of my comfort zone. For example ‘Hit This‘ and ‘All to Myself‘ was created in Miami, this was my first time ever working with Izy and Walshy who I was and still am a big fan of and this was my first time ever being in Miami so this was a happy, feel good moment for me. This project showcases happy, feel good Ebhoni!

T: You hail from Toronto and the R&B scene out there has gotten a lot of attention in the past few years, deservedly so. What are your thoughts about the scene, good and bad?

E: There is so much talent in Toronto, for “X” all of the creatives I worked with that took part in this project are from Toronto from make-up, styling, young designers, all imagery, etc. We made it a point to focus and support black owned businesses and creatives from my city because there is just so much talent there!! And it doesn’t stop there, for my follow up project I am working almost solely with Toronto producers…I AIN’T NEVA SLEEP ON MY CITY, let me make that very clear lol. But I am not going to front mi cyan tek the fake people dem, but we can discuss that another time.

Photography: Chase Vassell

T: What producer would you love to make a song with?

E: Wonda Gurl, Wonda Gurl & Wonda Gurl!!!! When she ready, I’m ready!!!

T: You modelled for Savage X Fenty in 2018. How did the opportunity come about?

E: Long story short I just received an email. It was sent to my personal email, it didn’t say who it was from or what it was specifically for. All it stated was a potential photoshoot for a campaign and the photographer was Tyrone Lebon. I was convinced it was fake. Once my management replied everything was set in motion from there.

T: If you could model for another brand, which one would you choose and why?

E: MISBHV!!! To me their clothes and designs are everything. I love how I look in their clothes and how well it fits my body. It’s just minimal with pops of colour, just like me, ha!

T: What else would you like to try your hand at outside of music and fashion?

E: Acting cause I know I would be really good at checking a bitch on camera, no deadass, I know I would be great at it. I can become anyone/anything/anytime with the way my Sagittarius mind is set up!

T: Last year has changed most of us, what do you embrace now that you didn’t before?

E: TikTok!! I used to think that shit was so stupid, but now it’s one of my favourite apps that I am able to be myself on. I am comfortable there sharing that side of myself with other people and not caring what they think about it.

T: It’s so hard to make plans in these times but what do you hope to achieve this year with your music and in your personal life?

E: My plans right now are creating more music, learning more of the technical side behind music (producing, engineering). Too many times I know what I want to hear or the sound I am trying to achieve but I don’t know how to explain it in terms that an engineer or producer would understand. I really want to share myself through music in the rawest form and grow as an artist. For my personal life, wherever God decides to take me, I pray to him that it isn’t a rocky road and/or a man that can’t handle me (I’ve broken too many in my short life).

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