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We are celebrating International Women’s Day with none other than the illustrious and talented singer, TENI THE ENTERTAINER. The Nigerian popstar is most intriguing and original artist to come out of country in a minute. Her personal style of blending Afrobeats, pop and R&B draws you in. We’ve been hooked on her since she dropped her viral hit ‘Fargin‘ back in 2017.The music is not the only infectious thing about TENI THE ENTERTAINER, her energy on stage is unmatched. Also she’s hilarious, have you seen her music video for ‘Billionaire‘?

Now we eagerly anticipate her debut album ‘Wondaland’ and she promises we will experience a rollercoaster of emotions on every listen. We’re ready for the ride!

Tomi: After two years of working on your debut album ‘Wondaland’, it will finally be out soon. What range of emotions are you feeling?

Teni: Feeling excited and anxious. This is my first album, and you know you never get to make it again so I simply can’t wait for the fans to hear it.

Photography: Michael Sope Johnson

Tomi: Why is ‘Wondaland’ the perfect title for your album and what is your idea of a wonderland?

Teni: First of all, the album is simply wonderful music. It’s funny how everything came together. I was recording without a name in mind, and I was almost done with selecting the songs. My team and I then discovered the album takes you on a ride of different emotions.

Fun fact, I was going to name it ‘Amusement Park’ because I love going to Disneyland in particular and the music gave me that same feeling of relaxation and reflection I experienced whenever I was there. However, I felt, why not take it further and give my amusement park a name and we arrived at ‘Wondaland’.

For me, a wonderland is a place of peace, happiness, freedom and awesomeness.

Tomi: We got a chance to listen to the album and there are a few songs about self love. How did you get to a place where you are comfortable in giving yourself love?

Teni: Life is short, and you have to live it on your own terms. You cannot love yourself more than anything else. One thing that has helped me is I have learnt to protect my peace and happiness. Nothing anyone can say or do can take that from me.

Photography: Michael Sope Johnson

Tomi: Albums often feel like a reintroduction of an artist. What new side of Teni are your fans going to discover?

Teni: I feel this is more of an official introduction to the world of TENI THE ENTERTAINER. I have shown a little bit of everything so far, but this body of work is going to see people experience all of my sides in one place.

Tomi: What do you bring to the Afropop/Afrobeats scene that you feel it was missing before?

Teni: I want people to be entertained! At the same time I feel they should be educated and inspired too.

Photography: Michael Sope Johnson

Tomi: We love how you don durags. How would you describe your approach to fashion on-stage and off-stage?

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Teni: I just wear what makes me comfortable. Comfort for me is very key, be it while I’m performing or at home.

Tomi: We’re celebrating International Women’s Day so please shout out the women that have positively impacted your life.

Teni: I would love to say a shoutout to my mum and my 2 step mums. I grew up in a big family and seeing 3 women hold the fort after their husband died positively impacted my life. This made me strong as a woman and made me believe I can do anything.

Photography: Michael Sope Johnson

Tomi: If you could invite three iconic women to dinner, who would you pick and why?

My sister Niniola, Rihanna and Missy Elliott. Niniola is an amazing big sister and it would be great to have her by my side so I’m not losing my mind when I see Rihanna. I love how she came from an island country to being not just an artist but a business mogul. For Missy, I love everything about her and how she used her talent to push beyond boundaries.

Tomi: In what ways do you plan to grow as an artist and person in 2021?

Teni: I want to grow in every possible way. I want to release more music and do extraordinary things beyond my wildest dreams.

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