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AW19 Hair Trends by My. Hair Care

AW19 Hair Trends by My. Hair Care

My. Hair Care ™ is the creation of, Rob Forgione & Denis Kovalyov, globally skilled hairdressers, specializing in colour, and hairdressing education.

My. Hair Care ™ develop hair care that is wellness oriented with emphasis on delivering true wellness brands from cleanest professional grade ingredients to the entire supply chain! There is No Planet B! The Infuse My. Colour manufacturing plant uses 100% green energy from renewable resources. All the Infuse My. Colour packaging is Post Consumer recycled plastic.

Hair care that is unique and on trend delivering results that are easy to use and time efficient for the customer. Vegan and plan-derived ingredients for all hair and skin types.

PAUSE Her spoke to Rob Forgione about 5 things you should know for your winter hair care and styling.

What is the key hair trend for AW19?

AW19’s key trend is glossy, natural hair colours, enhancing your own, reflecting with colour and adding dimension with filtered highlights that are toned into the base colour. Keep the solid multi-tonal colour fresh by using Made For Me Customised personal blend colour enhancing shampoo available from your hair colourist.

What hair colour compliments which skin tone best for this season?

Fair skin pink undertones are great with any colour that has a blue or violet-red or violet base.

Infuse My Colour Cobalt and Infuse My Colour Ruby Shampoo: mix half and a half for the perfect violet-red use on Really dark brown or black. White bleached hair and Platinum using Infuse My Colour Platinum Shampoo. Pink if you wish to be daring using Infuse My Colour Quartz shampoo for a soft dusty metallic powder pink.

For Olive tones and tanned complexions Infuse My Colour Copper shampoo which has a warm-cool undertone and works well on Auburn’s Copper and Chocolate tones and rich browns.

Golden olive skin when tanned is great with Light caramel brown using infuse my colour gold shampoo to enhance the warmth. Toffee tones are also great on olive skin to keep it warm with Infuse My Color Quartz a soft dusty pink when used on darker tones adds a champagne filter on the hair. Infuse My Colour Quartz Shampoo can also be used on blondes for a soft dusty pink.

For gorgeous dark skin tones and brown eyes hair tones should be deep and neutral bordering on cool brown neutral chocolate caramel.  Keep your cool tone neutral with Infuse My Colour Graphite Shampoo a deep charcoal tone that adds coolness to brown and will turn a platinum blonde into a Charcoal grey goddess.

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Share a winter hair tip?

Winter’s hair needs to be kept conditioned and moisturized. Treat Conditioner – silicone-free vegan CBD enriched with ceramides and hibiscus extract treats the hair instantly. Use Treat every time you wash to keep winter hair healthy.

Which styling tools are a must?

Styling tools are as personal as your look. So select the best quality heated styling appliance you can buy.

My favourite this season is the Chopstick heated styling tong, gives a gorgeous intense curl to the hair!

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