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Beauty Watch: Reasons Not To Dye Your Own Hair

Beauty Watch: Reasons Not To Dye Your Own Hair

With lots of uncertainty around when we will be out of ‘lock down’, there is an increasing temptation to touch up our own roots, or even give ourselves a total makeover. I have fallen victim to this in the past, bleaching my own hair to a crisp; never again will I take that risk!

Katie Allan, Founder of MAYFIVE Hair, lists 5 reasons as to why you should hold out for your salon professional:

1. Most colours are a combination of multiple different colours, creating a special formula specifically for your hair needs. Shop bought colours will not have this technology and result in very basic results.

2. Application is key! As hairdressers, we are able to apply the colour correctly to the areas needed – applying it to other areas will cause unwanted bands and build up.

3. Colour choice is limitless, there are so many different ranges, for example we stock 6 different types of L’Oreal Colours in salon each formulated different for different hair needs. In a store it will be very limited.

4. It gets everywhere! You’re nails, ears, face let alone your furniture – if it gets onto that those marks are permanent!

5. ‘Not always what it says one the tin’. More often than not the colours wouldn’t be as true to those advertised. If you end up with a colour you absolutely hate, no hairdressers will be open so you will be unable to get it fixed until further notice. 

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Tips on how to get through this..

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1. Forget stock piling on toilet roll and rice, pick up L’Oreal’s Hair Touch Up for your beauty cabinet. It’s basically a ‘spray paint’ for hair with multiple different colours and will wash out when you next shampoo.

2. Use eyeshadow or even mascara! Yes, raid that makeup box and apply anything with a similar colour to yours to disguise any unwanted whites.

3. Headbands are super cool and great to chuck on to hide a grey hairline AND to cover up oily roots!

For more information about MAYFIVE Salon click here.

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