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Danfi Allure – Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

Danfi Allure – Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

A pocket size revolution to smooth and defrizz the hair. The Allure is a perfect size, easy to hold and to use. It has a protective comb over the hot plate which allows you to use the brush on the scalp without burning, although sensitive scalps may find it a little too warm. The Allure glides through detangled hair effortlessly with no pulling or breaking.

For sleek pony tail and buns the Allure is perfect for smoothing edges, especially on coarse hair around the hair line. For smooth looks wearing the hair down the Allure will comb through from the root leaving the hair smoother, from the mid lengths and ends use the brush underneath the hair to curve under otherwise you left with a unfinished look on the ends.

The Allure reaches a temperature of 185 degrees, so heat protector is a must! Note: Heat causes dryness, faded colour and dull hair! Ensure your hair is protected from heat at all times.

The Allure has a protective cover and case so after use, you can turn off and put back in your bag without the worry of anything melting! Just remember to turn the switch to off!

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For me the best thing about the Allure is how close you can get to the root to create smoothness, I would recommend blow drying your hair beforehand to get the best results. For a portable straightening brush, this is definitely on the top of my list for clean, classic, sleek and edgy bobs and  those who want longer smoother styles!

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