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Hair Watch: Cloud Nine Micro Wand

Hair Watch: Cloud Nine Micro Wand

The Cloud Nine Micro Wand is designed to enhance and define your natural curl. ‘Finally!’ I hear all my fellow curly peeps shout. Yes, this wand will leave your hair looking and feeling on Cloud Nine.

The wand is tapered and mineral infused, which seals the cuticle helping to lock in much needed moisture. The size of the wand is designed to create numerous curl patterns from a tight corkscrew curl to loose waves. The heat temperature gauge allows you to select the amount of heat you are using. Micro Wand also includes hibernation mode that turns off after 30mins of no use. (Perfect for those ‘oooo no did I leave my wand on again?’ moments.)

My loose to medium curly hair has a mind of its own when left to its own natural devices and when it does not behave, up into a bun it goes. I had one of those days so I decided to use the Micro Wand. Setting up was easy, plug in, press the on button and wait a minute for the green light. Taking the section of misbehaving curls, I applied the heat protective glove that comes with the Micro Wand and wound my curls around the Wand. I counted to 5 in my head (I’m not one for constant heat on my hair) and straight away the curl mimicked my own curl, wasn’t frizzy and was defined. I was so happy that I decide to define and enhance more of my hair and cannot express how happy I was with the how my enhanced curls complimented my natural curl.

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Don’t worry you straight hair beauties, the Micro wand can be used on all hair types. It’s perfect for adding movement and curl to the whole head or to frame your face. Its easy, lightweight and compact size makes this a must have for your beauty bag/handbag.

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