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Hair Watch: Only Curls

Hair Watch: Only Curls

All Curl Cleanser and Enhancing Curl Gel.

Only Curls is dedicated to encourage you to fall in love with your curls, regardless of your curl pattern or texture. Curly hair is fragile and needs to be handled with the correct TLC and the use of amazing products is a great place to start.

All Curl Cleanser is designed to cleanse your curls without stripping the natural oil. It contains Avocado Oil and Kukui Oil which assist in sealing moisture and nourishment, enhancing shine and prevent damage.

As the cleanser does not contain the baddie sulphates, do not expect a lot of bubbles or foam. However, you will get a lather, and your hair and scalp will be left feeling fresh as well as moisturised. I also noticed that after one wash my curls had a more defined curl pattern.

Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel contains Avocado Oil, Kukui Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice. It quite literally enhances your curls beautifully without leaving the hair sticky. It gives your curls definition, bounce and life without drying frizzy. For best results I would recommend to section the hair, apply a small amount then twist, dry naturally or with a diffuser. Finish by giving your head a shake and see your curls come to life.

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If you have spent years fighting against your curls by using heated tools, Only Curls will be your best friend along your curl journey. It may take a minute to get your curls back to their defined, beautiful and full self, however with TLC and a bestie your journey will be so worth it.

Be prepared to fall even more in love with your curls!

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