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Hair Watch: Pink Hair Trend?

Hair Watch: Pink Hair Trend?

With many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, we can be a bit more creative with our appearance, given we are no longer ‘client facing’. With salons currently closed, people are taking matters into their own hands to spruce up their look, and there are many semi permanent options available to choose from.

A popular option, sweeping across our Instagram feeds, is pink hair. Slightly easier to achieve for those with light or blonde hair, but still possible for brunettes with the aid of a home bleaching kit. Remember to do a patch test first when using any lifting/lightening/dying products.


‘Following the last lockdown I’ve noticed more clients have been open to change, and this continues into 2021. Most of the colours required, such as a pink, are achieved with using toners. My top tip for maintaining the longevity of these colours is to use sulphate free shampoo. There are many shampoos available that are specific to certain hair colours to help add a glow and maintain your desired shade.  My main tip that many people often forget, is to rinse hair in cool water rather than piping hot or warm water. Warm water will open the cuticle and let colour molecules escape!’

Katie Allan, Founder of MAYFIVE Hair

“What’s great about pink is that you don’t have to commit as there are many ‘wash out’ semi-permanent options, so during a time when we are all restricted in so many ways, it’s a great time to be daring and experiment with a vibrant colour like pink!’

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Josh Kelly, Founder of Hair Choice Extensions

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