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Hair Watch: Waveformers

Hair Watch: Waveformers

Waveformers Beach Flair Kit creates amazing beach waves without damage.

Firstly, Waveformers are very simple to use! The kit contains the Waveformers plus one hook, which can be used on hair up to 22 inches. Before starting to apply the Waveformers, prep your hair! Wash your hair, squeeze out the excess water then detangle and apply your choice of styling products. If your hair is fine, use volumizing spray. For medium to thick hair either salt spray or a curling cream would be beneficial. If you have frizzy hair use a frizz free cream or oil product.

Start with sectioning your hair starting at the back, then push the hook through the Waveformers until the hook can be seen. Then use the hook to pull a medium size section of hair through the Waveformer. Simply repeat the process! When all of the Waveformers are in, you have two choices for drying.

  • Leave to air dry. Use a large bobble to stop the Waveformer moving around, then apply a large silk wrap to keep in place.
  • Use a hood dryer. You can get the Deluxe Softhood dryer from HairFlair. This goes over your Waveformers, tighten to secure over the head then attach a hair dryer to the end of the funnel, set your hair dryer to low heat and medium speed to dry.

The density of your hair will determine how long it takes to dry and which method you choose. For you blessed high density hair peeps you would be best to select the hood dryer method as air drying you may be there longer than a nights sleep! Also you may need more that one pack, as one pack contains 20 Waveformers.

When the hair is dry, remove the Waveformers. Squeeze the top of the Waveformer nearest to your root to create a circle with one hand and with the other gently slide the it down. To style your hair use fingers or a wide tooth comb to dress the waves into a beautiful finish. Depending on your hair use hair spray, shine spray or a serum to finish.

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Verdict: An easy way to create waves on straight to soft curly hair without necessarily using heated equipment. Great tools for those who struggle to create waves in their hair and great for those whose waves just drop out.

Shop Waveformers here. Priced at £30.95.

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