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How To Get A Salon Worthy Blow Dry At Home

How To Get A Salon Worthy Blow Dry At Home

The route to all happiness is good hair. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you’ve got to be with me that a fresh hair cut or perfect up-do makes the world of difference to your mood. See, I knew it wasn’t just me! With salons being shut for what seems like an eternity, we have all had to either grin and bare it, or take matters into our own hands.

We might not be going anywhere, or seeing anyone in person, but we do have to look at ourselves! And I for one do not want to avoid the mirror every time I walk past it!

So with the above in mind, here are 5 expert tips on how to achieve a salon worthy blow dry at home by Rachel Burgin, Hair Stylist & Founder of Routes Extensions.


Step 1: DRYING After you have washed your hair pat dry with a towel (never rub as this will split and break hair as well as cause tangling). Then blast dry your hair using a medium heat on your hairdryer (not too close to the head) until the hair feels almost dry.

Step 2: SECTIONS Next imagine your hair in 4 sections; 1 the nape of your neck, 2 the middle back of your hair, 3 the sides and upper back of your hair, 4 the top of your hair including crown, parting and fringe. Clip all but the nape of your hair up leaving the bottom section down ready for the magic (you’re going to work bottom up in your sections).

Step 3: TECHNIQUE Using Routes XL ionic style brush (£18.00) place the barrel under the roots of the hair. With your dryer on a medium heat start to lift your hair up with the brush. To avoid frizzing and static make sure you point your dryer the same way the hair is going – your hair and dryer should all be pointed upwards and outwards to a north east position. Once that section is dry roll your section of hair up with the ionic brush from ends to root (as if the brush was a hair roller) now blast the rolled up hair with a cold setting on your dryer, in the salon this is known as setting. Then hold still for a few seconds and gently release without brushing out and spritz with your favourite setting spray (I like Schwarzkopf got2b).

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Step 4: SET AND STYLE Move through the other 3 sections exactly the same then at the end spritz with hairspray one last time then come out with a wide tooth comb or even fingers.

Step 5: THE FINISHING TOUCH If you want to go for the full Hollywood look after blow drying go back to the same sections and at each section clip in a strip of Routes Too Good To Be True Fibre Hair (From £25) that looks and feels just like human hair but at 10% of the price.

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