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PAUSE Her Beauty Round-Up

PAUSE Her Beauty Round-Up

In a world where we have so many beauty options, here are just some product suggestions that we think should be in your home beauty kit. 

Holy Grail Beauty Co Calming Camomile Skin Cleanser, £12.99 – Delicately removes make-up. It is a natural product, meaning no nasties such as sulphates or parabens.

No Secrets Bath Jelly, £45 – To use, you massage the jelly into your skin before entering water. This stimulates circulation and relieves any tensions. As the heat from your body warms the jelly, the aroma of the essential oils fills the room! For best results, kick back in the bath for about 20mins, and then pat dry upon exit. Preservative free, suitable for vegans and all ingredients are 100% naturally derived from plants.

Arbonne Mascara, £28 (less if you are a ‘Preferred Client’) – As with all Arbonne products across there 400+ item list, this is cruelty free (gluten free and vegan). Long lasting and doesn’t smudge! The brush leaves no lumps; super important! Side note: Arbonne have an auto-ship system that you can sign up to (as a preferred client) so you can have all of your beauty essentials on repeat order, so you never run out; winning!

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CATRICE Matt Pro Ink Liquid Lipstick, £4.99 – It’s unique non-transfer formula with Moringa butter makes it indispensable as a lipstick for anyone that’s looking for a kiss-proof and intensive lip colour; it lasts for 12 hours!

Estrid Vegan Razor, from £7.95 – A 5 blade razor cartridge with aloe vera and shea butter. Did you know that most razor brands use animal substances in the soothing strips on your razor, but Estrid don’t. There’s a fact for you! They operate a subscription service, where you choose the colour and frequency of your delivery (with free shipping), so you never have to worry about restocking your fave essential!

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