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Editorial: Taekwondo Girls

Editorial: Taekwondo Girls

Meet The Team
Photographer: Alexander Beer 
Stylist: David Hawkins
Stylist Assistant: Sian Wilkinson 
MUA 1: Freddie  Stopler 
MUA 2: Amy Kyprianou

Name: Umaymah Mohamed (Age 13)
Clothing credits: Jumper: PE Nation, Joggers: Puma, Hat: Puma, Hijab: Nike, Trainers: Umaymah’s own.

Umaymah is in Year 8 at Secondary school and at the same time she is a Taekwondo Athlete (and has been for about 7 yrs). Umaymah is now a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Last year she competed at the British National Championships 2019 and received Silver. She has recently been selected to join the GB National Taekwondo Cadets team.

Zamzam Suleyman (Age 39)
Clothing credits: Shirt: You Must Create, Trousers: DB Berdan, Hat: Cyberdog, Hijab: Nike, Jacket: XUMU

Zamzam is a mother of three. She has always been active, and when her children joined Taekwondo she couldn’t just sit there and watch! She decided to join them and show her children that their mother can kick too. Now she has achieved her 2nd Dan Black belt and also become National and European Coach and Instructor. Her first competition was last year at UTF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in London and she won Silver. After a knee injury, she stopped competing and is now focused on coaching.

Nasteeha Mahamed (Age 26)
Clothing credits: Hijab/body: Hijab Guard, Jacket: Nike, Scarf: Victoria Ragna

Nasteeha has been doing Taekwondo for 4 years. She achieved her black belt in 2019. Since then, she has been competing in Sparring at a National and International level, and has won some medals. She hopes to to be on the podium at Olympic level competitions in the future.

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Ilhan Ismail (Age 16)
Clothing credits: Jacket: Holubar, Jumper: Nike, Joggers: DB Berdan, Hijab: Nike

Ilhan was introduced to Taekwondo 3 years ago and has loved the sport as it’s given her confidence, taught her respect and given her physical strength. She began training 3 days a week for one year without competing in any competitions. In her first competition, which was the British National Championships in 2017, she won a gold medal. She has also achieved a silver medal in the past two Championships and is determined to become a National Champion later on this year. The achievements she is most proud of are; getting a 2nd Dan Black belt, being a bronze medalist in The All African Youth Games (in Algeria) and being a Silver medalist in Riga Open 2019. As well as competing at National Level in places like Manchester, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Wales, Nottingham, Liverpool and Scotland, she has also competed internationally. These international level competitions have been in places like Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Riga, Algeria, etc.

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