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PAUSE Her Editorial: Temperature

PAUSE Her Editorial: Temperature

The rich history and culture of Ghana meant the trajectory of its emerging crop of creatives was only ever destined to go one way: up.

From every corner of the creative spectrum, there’s a new wave of talent set to not only take over Ghana, but the world as well. For 2022, PAUSE takes a closer look at the members of this new school of creatives.

Creative Direction, Main Stylist and Photographer: Kweku Yeboah

Film Director: Kumi Obuobisa

Interview and Wardrobe Stylist: Johnson Gold


Name: Rayan El-Mahmoud
Age: 17
Instagram Handle: @rayan.elz
TikTok Username: @Rayanelzz

Rayan wears Daily Paper and Casablanca

Tell us about you. What do you do day-to-day?
Im Rayan El-Mahmoud. I’m a young creative based in Ghana. I’m partly Lebanese and partly Ghanaian. I was born and raised in Ghana. I turn 18 soon. I’m currently a professional model and an aspiring lawyer. I spend majority of my days shooting and other days studying or doing things I enjoy, like hanging out with my loved ones, exploring places, trying new dishes or collaborating with other

Tell us something amazing about Ghana that everyone should know.
Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and probably one of the safest too!

What does being from Ghana mean to you?
I’m proud to be from Ghana because its an influential and highly regarded country on the African continent. It’s peaceful, safe and has a variety of diverse culture. Being a Ghanaian citizen makes me proud because of the relevance the country possesses internationally and it’s contribution to the world economically and resourcefully.

Describe your style in one word.

Favourite fashion brand?
Christie brown

Best 3 Restaurants?
Citrus lounge, Azmera and Bistro 22.

Describe what it’s like being a young creative in Ghana now?
It’s quite difficult at the moment as the Ghanaian society does not seem to appreciate and encourage the fashion industry as much as other countries. In my opinion many businesses don’t recognise the benefits of booking models for their brands hence there’s low demand for models. In addition, the
industry, especially the modelling and fashion industry is known to be quite menacing and cruel. The nature of this industry could be very hazardous to young models who are desperate for the opportunity to model and be stars.If they are not adamant on their values and morals, they would be taken for granted and evil people in this industry would take advantage of them. For that matter, young models must set their priorities right and make sure they do not compromise their values for anything or anyone.

Young models need to make sure they are guided by a trustworthy person as well to guarantee their safety. I hope for a better future for the creative industry here and more support from us Ghanaians. We need to work together and push each other more. I believe unity would take us further in our endeavours.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself practicing to become a lawyer and being a top model worldwide, inspiring people to do whatever good thing they wish to do and showing people that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it.


Name: Briggitte Appiah
Instagram Handle: @briggitteappiah
TikTok Username: @briggitteappiah

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Briggitte wears Issey Miyake

Tell us about you, what do you do day-to-day?
I start my day with a prayer, lemon water to detox, light sit ups or tennis some
months, I mostly work from home, my week is usually packed with me
reading, drafting and putting concepts together for my upcoming creative projects
for either my reels or creative arts film production company @revelryweare, set up
meetings, scouting locations, producing and organising shoot dates with
creatives (commissions and collaborative projects etc).

Tell us something amazing about Ghana that everyone should know.
It’s an untapped creative industry with a sense of freedom to create artistically for

What does being from Ghana mean to you?
With lots of rich culture, extravagant fashion and textile patterns, different
ranges of cultural – both old and new – sounds, rhythms and beats, vast healthy
local, traditional foods on the daily (chop bars, street foods), vast untapped natural
resources and a sense of originality to be an African and a black person in my own
home country, words can’t express.

Describe your style in one word.

Who is the best fashion brand right now that is also championing African culture?
Kwasi Paul-bringing the lux in African men’s and women’s suit wear, Adjarbeng,
palm wine ice cream.

Best 3 restaurants in Ghana?
Shogun, Chez Clarisse Mama Africa (best Acheke) and the 3rd restaurant on the
list for me is DNR, a Turkish restaurant.

Describe what it’s like to be a young creative in Ghana right now?
As a creative god-mother regulating mediums and platforms for both young and
old creatives to express their art and hence making a good living out of it as
well. (hoping to change the “broke creative” narrative and circle in Ghana and
hopefully Africa as a whole).

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