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M Missoni X Save The Duck

M Missoni X Save The Duck

Youthful and eco-friendly brand, M Missoni, has teamed up with B Corp certified brand, Save The Duck, to create a limited capsule of sustainable, genderless outerwear designs. The collection features jackets and gilets in both an audacious colour blocking design and a vibrant checkered Missoni print, reminiscent of the 90s.

“I’m thrilled to have partnered with Save The Duck for this collection. Both M Missoni and Save the Duck are committed to sustainability initiatives. Even if I’m still not confident in saying that M Missoni is a sustainable label, we are consistently making strides — and this drop is a little step towards big, and necessary, changes. Ethical and sustainable fashion is increasingly becoming the priority in the fashion industry. I’ve always given support and recognized the importance of sustainability principles, so it’s really exciting to be part of this movement. And while each and every one of us must do our part, there’s a beauty in collaborating with like-minded companies and people who appreciate and respect similar values. There’s power in numbers”.

Margherita Missoni, Creative Director at M Missoni

“I am so happy to see this partnership come to life and our movement and ideas contaminating a brand such as M Missoni. We share a common vision and an idea
of fashion that will no doubt become sustainable for an increasing number of people. When tradition, craftsmanship and design meet mother nature, then we can be sure to leave a statement that will be collected by generations to come. The journey toward sustainability is a shared project that integrates each day more into our DNA and I am confident M Missoni will be a reliable and inspiring travel companion”.

Nicolas Bargi, CEO at Save the Duck

This collection is for people that want outerwear that is fun, bold, flexible and adaptable with it also being eco-friendly, sustainable, animal and cruelty-free. The colourful print jacket is breathable, rain and windproof and is made with sustainable polyester that is padded with PLUMTECH, a technical thermal padding that is soft like feathers. The colour block jacket is rain and windproof, with an innovative style design and is made with sustainable and exceptionally lightweight nylon, padded with PLUMTECH. The colourful print gilet is breathable and waterproof and the colour block gilet is heavy-duty whilst still having an elegant look.

Colour Block Down Jacket, RRP £320.00

Printed Down Jacket, RRP £460.00

Colour Block Gilet, RRP £270.00

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Printed Gilet, RRP £320.00

Outerwear can now be worn with style, without compromising our planet.

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