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Beats’ Studio Buds Release 3 New Colours 

Beats’ Studio Buds Release 3 New Colours 

Beats’ fastest selling product, the Studio Buds, have dropped 3 new colours; Sunset Pink, Ocean Blue and Moon Gray. In case you don’t know much about the Buds, they are wireless and boast the same sound quality that all Beats have.

Beats have also just announced the addition of “Locate My Beats” and Product Widgets to its Beats App for Android. This means that not only iOS users, but also Android customers will be able to locate their earbuds, access battery life info, and control listening modes directly from their device. These updates apply to all Beats products compatible with the Beats App, including Studio Buds. 

PAUSE Her Verdict: Having not tried the Buds before, I was pleasantly surprised at not only the sound quality, but also the in ear fit. I often find this type of product annoying and uncomfortable, but the Buds fits like a glove! I also loved that as soon as you switch them on, they become recognised on your phone (or similar device) with a notification pop up welcoming you to its features, and with no faffing about trying to ‘find it’. Winner.

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Beats Studio Buds is currently available at for £129.99 (UK) in Black, White, Beats Red, and new colours Moon Gray, Sunset Pink and Ocean Blue.
Resellers vary by country. Visit for more information.

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