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PAUSE Her At Home With: Saweetie

PAUSE Her At Home With: Saweetie

If I could sum up my interview with singer Saweetie in a sweet, it would be Zkittlez, written in a multicoloured font and a personal favourite. We met on Zoom at 9am, LA time— Saweetie rocked up with a ‘rainbow aura’ around her and wearing what looked like the softest sea green velour zip hoody and a pair of pink square framed sunglasses with rhinestones. Saweetie gave me a masterclass in fly-comfy I will never forget.

With 2 critically acclaimed EP’s in the bag; much buzz surrounds her debut album ‘Pretty Bitch Music’. Her single ‘Tap-In’ has sweetened all our palettes at PAUSE Her and we used our time checking-in with Saweetie to clarify exactly what the term means.

We also may have cooked up a campaign to relaunch Sprite Remix, a rainbow flavoured soda/soft-drink which sadly never left the United States. Only, maybe it could be called #SaweetieSprite.

Hi Saweetie, how are you?

I’m good, I shot something for the ‘Tap-In’ remix yesterday so I’m a little sore— there was lots of dancing.

I read you’re a big Sacramento Kings fan…

I come from a sports family. My grandfather played for the San Francisco 49ers, he was a linebacker. I think he was part of the first Super Bowl win and has the ring and everything. I grew up playing lots of sports like powderpuff which is like football for women, track, volleyball and a little bit of basketball too. I’m a huge football, basketball and volleyball fan.

Which teams do you follow?

For volleyball I watch college so USC and San Diego State. For basketball it’s the Kings and the Warriors. My dads a big Lakers fan, I more so watch the game rather than having a team; but when it comes to football my team is the 9ers.

How was your time at San Diego State University?

I studied Communications with an emphasis in Business and had such a great time! Sometimes I wish I could have stayed there because when you’re an incoming freshman, you grow and create great relationships with the people you arrive with; but I wanted to go to USC which is why I transferred.

If you could recollect your childhood in food memories…

Both my grandmothers make really great food. My mums mum is Filipino-Chinese— I loved her dough balls and soups [fluently names several other dishes to make the mouth water]— I used to just eat all day as a kid! I love food! And then my grandmother on my dads side makes soul food like macaroni and cheese, corn bread, collard greens. I’ve always been a foodie. I love seafood too. Food makes me happy!

If I were an alien visiting earth, could you translate for me what ‘Tap-In’ means in the context of your song?

I feel like Tap-In originally started out as super slang, so it was like “if you come into my city, tap-in with me and my crew” and then it slowly evolved to a “we’re going to the party, come tap-in” which means an invite. And then as social media evolved, you can also double tap a picture so it can go so many different ways.

How would you describe your style?

My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m feeling glamorous, sometimes I’m feeling chilled— I like to call that my fly-comfy look. Sometimes I’m in a gown, sometimes I’m showing a lot of skin and sometimes I’m super covered up. It really  does depend on how I’m feeling.

Karl Kani told us at PAUSE last year that Quavo DM’d him asking him to bring back his clothing brand. If you could bring something back, what would it be?

I would bring back the Sprite Remix!

What’s the Sprite Remix?

You’ve never tried the sprite remix?

No, but it sounds delicious!

You know Sprite though right?

Yeah, we have that one...

When I was younger they came out with this Sprite Remix; it was a special seasonal drink, it was silver with a rainbow going around it. It was such a great drink! I remember when they announced that they were discontinuing it so my dad went to the store and brought all the Sprite Remix! I think we had a supply for about 2 months.

What can we expect to hear from the album?

It’s so versatile. And what allows the project to be so versatile is that it’s more than 15 songs. Normally I put out 7 or so–  this is a big body of work and I’m super proud of all of these songs— they sound amazing and I’m so excited for all you guys to hear it.

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What do you have on PAUSE right now? 

I have… ooh, that’s a good question! What do you have on pause?

Jaden’s ‘Rainbow Bap’, I’m super psyched for his new album coming out this week…

You know, I’ve seen some of his work and he’s a creative genius! If I’m honest, right now I have ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ on pause.

Thank you so much for your time Saweetie! I love your sunglasses and feel like your fly-comfy style might be the trend for the year.

Thank you, Sonia! My sunglasses are for when I have no make-up. I love being a fly-comfy girl.

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