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PAUSE Her Meets: Amber Rose Gill

PAUSE Her Meets: Amber Rose Gill

Yesterday PAUSE Her caught up with Love Island 2019 winner Amber Rose Gill, ahead of her collaboration with MISSPAP; launching today (10 October) at 5pm.

Amber Rose Gill has totally captured our attention ever since she appeared on our screens with her natural confidence, wit and her beauty. The public has been clambering to have a piece of Amber, asking, borderline nagging, her about when she is going to launch her own collection. Well you don’t have to wait any longer as the Amber Rose Gill X MissPap collection has officially launched. The collection has sizes from 6-26 as it was important to Amber that it was inclusive.

We were lucky enough to speak to Amber ahead of launch, we discussed the collection, upcoming projects and more.

Tomi: There had been a lot of talk about when you would finally launch a collection and in other words ‘secure the bag’. What made MISSPAP the right brand for you to collaborate with?

Amber: MISSPAP wanted to do a re-brand and I liked the idea of being the face of it. Also I really wanted it to be inclusive of all sizes which was very important to me. I wanted to be heavily involved with all of the items that were going to be part of the collection; I wanted to know about everything. What fabrics were they using, how long the dresses were. Everything like that. 

T: What has been the most rewarding part of creating this collection?

A: I think seeing it go from an initial meeting to designs on paper, to actually seeing it on and shooting it in Miami for the campaign, that was just amazing!!

T: How was it shooting in Miami?

A: It was amazing! Really really good, absolutely love Miami. Such a sick location and yeah, it was such a good time.

T: How do you want people to feel when they wear one of your pieces?

A: I want them to feel bloody amazing when they wear any of the items. I think comfort is a massive thing, if it’s comfortable then I feel like you’re more confident in yourself. If you’re confident in what you’re wearing then you put your best self forward.

T: On a night out…

A: Yes.

T: Which songs are on your getting ready playlist?

A: Oh God! There’s a bit of Drake in there, I love NSG and Krept & Konan. I like r&b, rap, hip hop, I like to listen to that stuff. That’s the type of playlist for a night out, getting ready as well.

T: Your hair is a signature part of your look, have you always been confident about rocking your curls?

A: I have because I feel like it’s all I’ve known. I’ve never worn anything else, I feel like a lot of girls should wear their natural hair, you definitely should. I just always have, so I feel confident in it now because I’ve done it for so long and I’ve got it the way that I want and I’m happy with it. I like to rock my natural curls and show people that they can wear their natural curls as well.

T: Of course you were on Love Island. If you could create your own reality TV show, what would be the premise and the rules of this show?

A: Oh God! You want to really give me control like that? Not a dating one! Just anything about me. [mutual laughter]

T: That works!

A: No if I was to produce a show, what the hell would I do? You know my favourite programme is RuPaul’s Drag Race so maybe a drag race but for girls because I would love to do that [laughs]. I would love to do it but I obviously couldn’t go on myself, something like that. Get a bunch of wigs on and some nails, wear the sickest outfits and be judged.

T: Ooh yes.

A: Have you seen RuPaul’s Drag Race?

T: Yes I have.

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A: It’s my favourite show!

T: Who’s your favourite contestant?

A: Who’s my favourite contestant? Bob the Drag Queen! He won, I don’t know which season it was but he won and he’s just the funniest guy.  Absolutely love him, he’s my favourite drag queen.

T: One of the taglines for this collection is living your best life, what does living your best life mean to you?

A: The life that I’m living right now is my best life! [laughs] Having my own collection with a brand, going to do shoots in Miami. I mean I couldn’t wish for a better life but just whatever makes you happy. Living your best life is different for everybody. Whatever you do just make sure you’re happy and that’s you living your best life. 

T: I know you have to keep things on a hush hush, but is there anything you can tell us about upcoming projects? Like a bikini line or a podcast?

A: A podcast is interesting but I might actually be starting up my own YouTube channel. I filmed a vlog in Miami, my whole trip so it’s like behind the scenes and what I was doing in my down time. So I might post that onto my YouTube. I feel like Instagram is not a good platform for me to show my personality, I feel YouTube would be better. So a bunch of funny videos, hair tutorials, skincare tutorials, me just being funny and having other Islanders on like Ovie or Anna. Cooking with Ovie or something like that.

T: I would love a podcast with you, Anna and Yewande, that would be fantastic!

A: That’s funny! [laughs] Funny you should say that… there’s nothing I can talk about yet. I’ve got a bunch of ideas of things that I want to do with the girls that I get on with so we’re just seeing what comes to fruition.

Shop the collection here.

Interview by Tomi Otekunrin.

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