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PAUSE Her Meets: Amun

PAUSE Her Meets: Amun

We caught up with the ‘Talk To Me Nice’ singer and rapper Amun, to discuss everything from the meaning of her name, her ‘Settling Scores’ EP that was released this October and the one Somalian dish everyone should try.

Meet The Team
Photographer: Omar Khaleel
Stylist: Joshua Meredith
Production: Coree Jayvon
Makeup: Nina Fay
Hair: James Catalano

Interview by Tomi Otekunrin.

Clothing Credits: Top: Liam Hodges, Boots: CAT Footwear, Dress / Scarf: Hansine, Jewellery: Ice Rocks

Tomi: Your name is so unique, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone with your name. What does Amun mean and do you feel your character reflects the meaning of your name?

Amun: When I was growing up I didn’t like my name because no was called it and no one knew how to pronounce it.

T: Yeah I relate. [laughs]

A: What’s your name?

T: My full name is Oluwatomi but I just call myself Tomi because it’s so much easier.

A: I like it!

T: Thank you!

A: My aunty gave my mum the name, my mum had never heard of it before. Amun is the ancient Egyptian god of the sun and air. I don’t know anyone who’s called it, I don’t think.

Clothing Credits: Jacket: Per Gotesson, Skirt: Ellesse x Wood Wood

T: You released your latest EP ‘Settling Scores’ this October. Why did you pick this title for the EP and what does it mean to you, to settle a score?

A: At the time of writing, I was sort of in a bad place with friendships, where I was in life and I just thought I wanted a name that reflected all of that. I just wanted to express all of this stuff and then just leave it there, I didn’t want it to carry on or leak into my future music. That’s where the name came from, these six songs is me settling my scores with whoever and putting a lid on it. Just moving, getting even almost… with music. [laughs]

T: How was it touring with Joy Crookes?

A: Oh my god, I actually miss touring! Shout out Joy man, we had a lot of fun, it was crazy fun. I remember thinking oh my god, I hope her fans can catch a vibe because we’re so different musically but they were gangster man [laughs]. They loved it! They loved every song, I was trying to keep up with them, they were with it.

T: What song did they go the most up for, what song got them hype?

A: Definitely ‘Talk To Me Nice’!

Clothing Credits: Jacket: Topshop, Scarf: CH24, Hat: Uniqlo, Boots: Topshop

T: What is your favourite part of the song-making process?

A: Melodies…it can be frustrating but I like just going through melodies.

T: I love the melody on ‘New Things’, I was like ooh this is different.

A: I remember when me and writer was sitting in the studio, someone played something and the song went do do doo do [humming the song] and that was it. We just ran with it, it was super fun.

T: I’ve heard you mention that you’re a fan of Travis Scott, what do you appreciate most about his artistry?

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A: I just love the authenticity of it all. He opened this lane for all these artists that are coming out now and this wavy music. I love his work ethic, you can hear through the music that he works hard and I try and learn a lot from him. He’s incredible!

T: What song would you like to flip and do a cover of, or add your own flavour to?

A: Ooh, I always loved the song by Stevie Wonder called ‘As’. It was one of the first songs I practiced singing to at 13. I would love to add a trap feel to it. [laughs]

Clothing Credits: Jacket: Marciano, Gilet: Qasimi, Top: Jordan Luca, Skirt: Ocularis

T: I’ve been snooping around on your Instagram and you have such sick sense of style. If you create your own capsule collection, what type of pieces would you include?

A: Oh wow that would be so fun, I want to do that! Really cool crop tops and t-shirts, I love jewellery. I don’t want to do just the regular chain, maybe some arm pieces and thigh jewellery. 

T: What fashion brand are you loving at the moment?

A: There’s the brand JADED LONDON that I really love a lot.

T: When you get a moment to pause, what do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like to spend time with my family, as cliche as that sounds, I have three brothers that I’m really close with. I miss them a lot!

Clothing Credits: Shirt: Synesthesiac, Trousers: Topshop, Sunglasses: Ferre at Vintz Shop

T: You are British-Somalian, are there any Somalian dishes that you would recommend?

A: You can’t go wrong with some flat bread with hummus by some meat. If you’re going to have that then you need to add a sauce called shigni, it’s a green chilli sauce. If you’re talking Somali food then you’re going to have to slap a banana on the side of the plate. [laughs]

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