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PAUSE Her Meets: Celebrating Pride Month with @finlay_nicola

PAUSE Her Meets: Celebrating Pride Month with @finlay_nicola

We’re celebrating Pride Month with some of our favourite people from the LGBTQIA+ community. They’ll be no IRL events to celebrate Pride this year because of Covid-19 but feel free to celebrate it the best way you know how at home. To all of you out there that feel like you can’t be your true, authentic self because of where you’re from or your upbringing, we’re thinking of you and hopefully the words below can help encourage you.

“Who you make love to, and take that ass to Red Lobster, is your human right.”


Today we’re celebrating Pride with blogger, Nicola Finlay.

Tomi: What does Pride mean to you?

Nicola: Pride to me means a celebration of how far we have come, but not forgetting how far we have to go. It also gives us strength to overcome battles together and has provided me with confidence to be me! Pride allows me to be unapologetically me whilst giving me strength to love whoever I choose fearlessly. It’s an opportunity to celebrate who we are and of course there’s no party like a Pride party!!

T: What do you love most about yourself?

N: Being a girl that can do both feminine and masculine, I love that I can express myself by switching up my styles. Also I love being able to connect with people on a deeper level, being a great listener and making a great impact on peoples lives.

T: What have you found to be an amazing outlet for yourself?

N: For myself my outlets are music and expressing myself through fashion! Music allows me to channel my emotions and it’s a great tool to allow me to be more express. It also provides me with peace in the most painful of moments. Fashion literally is a feel good factor for me, it’s liberating and a great representation of my identity. What better way to show what I am about! Another great outlet for me is travelling. Every time I go away, I grow as a person and come back home better, woke and more appreciative.

T: Who are your current role models?

N: Anyone that has a positive impact on my life. I feel like in this day and age it’s hard to have role models in this celebrity culture! If I had to choose, it would be Jay Shetty. I spent mornings after mornings being inspired by his podcasts and videos. I feel like he provides the solution to all sorts of personal battles that people go through.

T: How do you feel about labels (queer, non-binary, etc)?

N: For me I don’t like to be restricted to a label. I don’t let anyone define me but me, I am in control of who and what I want to be in the future. Love is Love but in this day age labels are put on everything to categorise and potentially divide people. At the end of the day we are all people love and understanding.

T: If your life is a movie then what album or song would you choose to be the soundtrack?

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N: J. Cole’s album ‘Forest Hill Drive’.

T: When you get a moment to pause, what do you like to do for self-care?

N: The current climate has forced me to change the way I would normally do self-care. Before it would all be about expensive restaurants, pampering, retail therapy etc. Things that gave me temporary satisfaction without truly fulfilling my needs. So during quarantine, my view of self-care has completely changed. It’s more about embracing the beauty around me. I do this by putting my feel good tunes on, going for long bikes rides and just taking in nature. Right now nothing beats it apart from being with who I love.

T: How are you going to celebrate Pride Month this year?

N: This year is unfortunate as I can’t celebrate Pride the way I want to. My aim is to support the LGBTQ+ community whether it’s business-related or just providing support to those who really need it. Especially the people who have to hide who they truly are due to fear of being hurt, shut out and being isolated.

T: What words of positivity would you like to share with your younger self?

N: Be confident in who you are, don’t ever make people tell you who you should be or what you should do to have an amazing life. I’d also tell my younger self to be courageous and keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zones. Emotions are a beautiful thing, continue to express and show love without fear.

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