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PAUSE Her Meets: Celebrating Pride Month With Cookiee Kawaii

PAUSE Her Meets: Celebrating Pride Month With Cookiee Kawaii

We caught up with rapper and singer, Cookiee Kawaii, who’s just as sweet and fun as her name, to obviously discuss her break out track called ‘Vibe’. The song was released last year but blew up again and became viral on TikTok without a signature dance challenge to go with it, which is a feat within itself. We chatted it up about if we’re getting a official music video for ‘Vibe’, hint yes we are, important topics such as the best kind of cookies and animes she loves to watch in her downtime. Of course with it being Pride Month and Cookiee Kawaii being a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, we discussed what Pride means to her.

Tomi: ‘Vibe’ is such a vibe, why do you think so many people gravitated towards the song?

Cookiee Kawaii: My first thoughts on why people were gravitating towards it, is because it’s a Jersey club song. The song is like a year old, I’m surprised that it even blew up again. But I feel like it being a Jersey club song and the genre having its own lane on TikTok, where those songs go viral or have the potential to go viral helps. I think because it’s Jersey club, it made people have a relatable kind of sound to it.

T: The song is short and sweet, is that on purpose? Do you think you’ll make a longer version or do you think that’ll kill the magic of the song?

CK: I made the song short intentionally, I didn’t do it by accident [laughs] or just want people to replay it or anything like that. The song is just that short because it is! I didn’t expect it to go viral so there wasn’t really a set plan for it, me and my producer definitely have an extended version of the song. We have it sitting in the cut, we kinda tease the followers about it all the time. People are still in love with ‘Vibe’ and I want people to check out my other catalogue so there’s an extended version and we might drop it but you never know.

T: The music video will be coming soon right?

CK: Yes for sure! I mean with COVID-19, I couldn’t do my original plan so I had to postpone the official video but in the meantime I released an animation video and that’s been doing very, very well. But I’m definitely going to release an official video, I feel that it is only right that we do that.

T: Can we expect a signature dance move in the music video or a dance challenge?

CK: Well I’ll definitely say that I’m going to incorporate tonnes of dancing, tonnes of just quirky scenes, something to definitely raise a brow. Of course I think I should definitely include the dance, I don’t know if I’m going to put the whole dance in there because the song didn’t really have a set dance, it had like maybe two elements of the dances that were made, that were repeated. There were so many different challenges that there’s no original source of the exact dance. There’s just certain moves that I can do, where people are gonna be like that’s the dance but there’s no specific dance to it.

T: We’re celebrating Pride Month so what does Pride mean to you?

CK: Well for me I mean, my mum is a lesbian and I’m bisexual so to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community is amazing. My mum is a DJ so she played at a lot of balls and parties in general. Growing up, I was around many entertainers, trans women, trans men, I was just always around the community. Pride for me is just being yourself, owning you! Even down to some of my idols and people that I look up to like RuPaul, me knowing how to do my own makeup or mismatching outfits, I learnt from watching Drag Race. Pride for me is owning who you are, being everything that you want to be and doing so without caring what anybody else says because people are going to love or hate you regardless. So it’s best to just live your best life and do what makes you happy as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

T: What do you love most about yourself?

CK: My sense of humour, I deal with trolls online all the time now. What my fans have observed about me, is that I attack trolls in a way where we can all laugh about it. Sometimes it does take a serious turn where I have to get serious and tell them to not do that on my page but my sense of humour is almost like a healer. I deal with so much but in the end I’m always laughing.

T: If your life is a movie then what album or song would you choose to be the soundtrack?

CK: I would say ‘Motivation (remix)’ by B GOODIE, it’s just a motivational song with its repetition of the word go, go, go in the song. If I told my life story, there’s so many things that happened that should’ve stopped me or halted me to want to give up but I always just kept going and stayed motivated. Shout out to B GOODIE!

T: What are your favourite animes currently?

CK: To be honest I’ve been super busy so I haven’t watched anything new but my go-to favourites are ‘Yu Yu Hakasho’ that’s number one for me, ‘Inuyasha’ and I really like ‘One Punch Man’ and ‘Citrus’.

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T: Important question, what’s your favourite kind of cookie?

CK: Oh well that’s easy, I love a chocolate chip cookie, you know the classic. It has to be soft baked though, fresh out the oven, not hot but warm and with a glass of milk.

T: When you get a moment to PAUSE, what do you like to do for self-care?

CK: I read a lot of manga and play video games.

T: Please recommend manga for us to check out.

CK: There’s this one that I need to finish called ‘Graineliers’ and it’s really good so I’d recommend it. It’s about people that have seed powers, it’s kinda weird and hard to explain but it’s so good.

T: What words of positivity would you like to share with your younger self?

CK: I would say to focus more, you’re going to be really successful down the line and you kinda need to line up your ducks now then it’ll be an easier travel to reach your end goal. So I’d definitely say focus because you’re going to go through some things that are gonna change you and if you just focus and prioritise more then it’ll be an easier journey.

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