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PAUSE Her Meets: Designer Tumisola Ladega

PAUSE Her Meets: Designer Tumisola Ladega

We caught up with the upcoming and exciting designer Tumisola Ladega during London Fashion Week. She is one of the students that showcased their designs at the University of Westminster AW20 Fashion Show. We discussed the main inspiration behind her collection, her muse and her favourite Nigerian creatives.

Tomi: What was the main inspiration behind your collection?

Tumisola Ladega: My collection explores the question ‘At what point does a girl become a woman, and can she be both? I was inspired by the oversized, sportswear of 90’s hip hop culture and its elements of androgyny and youth. Combined with the conservative nature of the 80’s, focusing mainly on tailoring and outerwear. My collection is a collage of these two stories which I have tried to communicate through the exaggerated silhouettes, unusual fabric combinations and construction collage.

T: Describe your collection in three words.

TL: Contemporary, Bold, Fierce

T: Who are the Nigerian creatives in fashion that you are fan of and help to inspire you?

TL: A Nigerian creative I really admire is Adebayo Oke-Lawal the founder of Orange Culture I love how his designs push boundaries in what defines African Fashion. Also growing up I always admired Deola Sagoe for her non traditional approach to fashion, how she would reinvent and create such beautiful silhouettes you could really see her appreciation for craftsmanship.

T: What celebrity/icon from the present or past would you love to see in one of your designs?

TL: One of my main muses for this particular collection was Aaliyah. Whenever I would design I would think about her and whether she could wear it. However I think in general I would say Solange, I just feel she optimizes boldness and black excellence.

T: What is your dream collab?

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TL: Brand-wise my dream collaboration would be Sacai, I love their aesthetic and able to recreate and reinvent traditional clothes, I think it would be really fun and the creative possibilities are endless.

T: When you get a moment to pause, what do you like to do for self care?

TL: As a Christian I believe mental and spiritual self care is so important, so any moment I have to unwind I love to listen to encouraging podcasts and uplifting music. I think self care starts from the inside so it’s really important what you listen to and meditate on.

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