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PAUSE Her Meets: Faridah

PAUSE Her Meets: Faridah

InterviewPrecious Osoba
Talent: Faridah

Tell me a bit about yourself, who are you? How old are you? Where are you based and what do you do?
I’m Faridah, 28 years old, based between London and Lagos. I work as an art historian and curator.

Talk to us a bit about ART X Live 2021 and how it went?

It’s exciting every year, but after last year where we didn’t get to have an in-person show, I was so happy to be working with artists and knowing that they will have an in-person audience to consume their work. I think they’re both such incredibly thoughtful artists and have put so much work that made this show great.

AMQ is such a powerhouse, she’s currently juggling two degrees while also making these works that are so undeniably her. Her process is really interesting; she paints on canvas and then animates the paintings. So, the work disconcerts the viewer in a way, you’re never really sure what medium you’re looking at. She has built an aesthetic world that defies medium, and I’m excited to see it in this context and all the other contexts it will be in in the future.

For Fez, he is also another artist whose work is immediately recognisable and unique. No one is doing videos like him (in my humble opinion). The glitches, the fast editing, the collaging, the sense of humour. In the work it almost feels like he is toying with the audience, anticipating their reactions, and then taking them somewhere else. His manipulation and recognition of the role of technology in art are also something I think is so important for ART X Live.


What does ART X stand for?

For me, ART X Live is about the artists. It’s about giving opportunities to emerging talent and giving them a platform to flourish. The audience is always so engaged and supportive and I think for many young artists we’ve worked with, where this is their
first show, it is such a positive experience. I also think that it’s incredibly important for art exhibitions to recognise and reflect their context. In Nigeria, visual and musical culture are so closely linked and it’s really great the way ART X Live acknowledges and
promotes this.

Who or what inspires your creativity?

Working with artists, black people, my community, collaboration

What are you working on right now?

I am basically always researching, thinking/writing about, curating,
consuming art. So, I’m doing those things in different formats at the
moment but trying to focus a little bit on building up my writing portfolio.


What issues are you passionate about? Is this reflected in anything
you’re currently working on? Your style, etc?

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I’m passionate about archiving and providing platforms for black art
and experience. I am also passionate about black art being consumed in
spaces that feel comfortable. That’s why I love Art X Live because
 of how great the synergy is between the artists and the audience.

What are your hobbies and interests? – you seem to travel quite a
bit, what are your favourite destinations?

I do love to travel, I have a lot of favourite places in the world, I feel particularly drawn to cities on the water. Dakar, Beirut, Mumbai. Also, Mexico City! I also currently have dreams of spending more time in the Caribbean; particularly Martinique.

What are your current favourite brands? Point us in the direction
of some African brands too!

I feel a little out of the loop with fashion right now if I’m being honest. Lagos Space Program is amazing. This is Us is also really good. Waf will probably always be my favourite Nigerian brand.

You have an amazing collection of accessories, what item could you not live without?

Probably all my rings. I have spent a lot of years collecting them from all over the world, and I’m perpetually scared of losing them because I can’t replace them. I just got very terrified thinking about that.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Make sure you watch all the highlights from ART X Live! And then hopefully more art-related projects in 2022.

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