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PAUSE Her Q&A With IWD Edition

PAUSE Her Q&A With IWD Edition

We have been privileged to catch up with many inspirational women at PAUSE Her. These women work hard, are effortlessly themselves and have created their own lanes so we thought that’s it’s only right that they share with us the women in their lives that have been an inspiration to them for International Women’s Day!

@natwinter_‘s inspiration: Sister

My sister Jodie inspires me because she’s always teaching me and showing me new things even though she’s the younger one, and I think she’s so talented. The characters and worlds she creates through her illustrations and zines always fascinate me and I can’t wait to watch her grow as an artist! She already has some of her zines stocked in a bookshop in Whitechapel which is so amazing and just one of the reasons she inspires me so much.

@celmatique‘s inspiration: Mother

Celeste with her mother

My mum is my biggest inspiration not because of what she’s done, but for who she is. She’s the most hard working, loving and passionate woman I know, who gives without taking and never complains. She taught me from a young age how important self-expression through creativity is and always encouraged me to be me, even if that’s completely different from the rest. Together with my dad she’s the foundation I’m very thankful for 💛.

@romydfonseca’s inspiration: Mother

Romy with her mother

The person who inspires me the most is my mom. Not because she is my mom but because she’s the strongest woman I know. She teaches me to be positive, to never give up and always believe in myself. My mom has been my biggest inspiration my whole life. She was/is the fashion boss and slays every day with her outfits. Until she got sick a few years ago and her disease limited her in her fashion choices. If she didn’t get sick I know for sure she would be the coolest mom fashion blogger. I got this colourful and matchy-matchy vibe from her. So like the song says “ I got it from my momma’!

@guapacita‘s inspiration: Olympic Athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad

One of my many inspirations definitely has to be Olympic Athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad. I began wearing the hijab at such a small age (out of choice) but it was on and off. When I got to high school, I kept it on full time and i was fine until a few years ago. I began feeling very insecure about the way I looked, I didn’t feel like my best self, it felt like no matter how much I tried I just didn’t feel pretty and I felt the hijab wasn’t doing me any favours either.I contemplated taking it off for a long time but I knew that was a downward spiral I didn’t want to get myself tangled in. I went on with life wearing it and trying to find the meaning behind why I wore it at the same time. I believe I am a product of what I am exposed to so I thought maybe I needed to check who and what I was exposing myself to on social media. I thought maybe that’s what was the root of my insecurities. In the process of all this I remember I came across Ibtihaj’s page and I just remember being so hyped! In the world i live in, there’s so much I see today that was completely unheard of a couple of years ago. So seeing her do what she does as an athlete that observes the hijab in such an industry, seeing the way she carries herself with such elegance and class, it really uplifted my spirits! I have never been so proud to wear the hijab now and it’s thanks to her and the countless women who do and continue to do great things for society and for showing young insecure girls like I once was, that anything is possible.

@mcleodmanna‘s inspiration: Aunt

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Bri is a huge inspiration to me because of the way she carries herself – she’s gentle & caring yet so strong and assertive! She has such good balance between working towards what you want & enjoying the present moment and I love that because it reminds me I can do both! She makes me want to BE the complete independent woman I dream of becoming!

@ellebaness‘s inspiration: Mother

For International Women’s day, how could I not choose my mom. Coming to New York City from the Philippines to start a new life by herself is something I could hardly see myself do, but she did it and she inspires me to keep following my dreams! She had endured so much and her attitude towards life, the way she’s so positive, friendly and always keeps a smile on her face no matter how rough things get always keeps me going. She’s a nurse working in mental health in New York City, so she has seen and heard crazy things every day so to endure and know how to handle herself in situations where anyone else would break down truly has me in awe. Women are so incredibly strong and powerful it’s insane!

PAUSE Her Editor, @SamanthaRia’s inspiration: Sister

My inspirational woman is my Sister, Chrissy. I had never thought about waking up every day and feeling like something wasn’t quite right, that I wasn’t ‘me’ and that I wasn’t being true to myself. Living the life that I was expected to lead, because of the body I was born in. Being so unhappy in my shell, that I just didn’t want to be here anymore. My sister opened my eyes. She struggled for 25 years, until she just couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to be her. She came out as being Transgender to our close family; it was a huge shock, particularly for me. In hindsight, I wish I had been more supportive in the early months of her journey, but for selfish reasons I couldn’t see past the loss of my ‘brother’. In reality, I actually hadn’t lost anyone, in fact I gained a much happier person who wasn’t stuck hiding in her room. (And also someone who wanted to borrow my Gucci bags…!) I should have acknowledged the huge step that she took to improve her life. Taking steps to be real, in a world where people paint fake pictures of their life through their social media accounts. This takes guts, bravery, will power and most of all strength. The transition period is a long one, and not as easy as sometimes the Press makes out. There is still a lot of adversity, but I believe part of this is revolved around fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear that one persons real-ness might reveal your personal fake-ness. Chrissy epitomises a strong woman, striving for the future she deserves, no matter what the obstacles are. Don’t we all want that?

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